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  1. Vegas is setting a lot of moving picks and interferences, and of course none of them gets called.
  2. I've never seen vgk running around like headless chickens like this and I LOVE IT
  3. Well, game on. Avs never back off though, keep attacking those golden bastards!
  4. I don't think he expected anything more. "Alright, the party's over for me. Good thing I'm getting outta here quick."
  5. I think what we need the most is a RHD with wheels and a high hockey IQ. Bonus if he comes with a decent size too.
  6. It was weird not seeing Edmonton in the draft lottery.
  7. At least BUF has had #1 pick a few times... I don't know which one I'll see us winning in my lifetime, Stanley Cup or #1 pick? And if you reply "neither", you're heartless.
  8. We didn't drop. And that equals to winning the lottery for us.
  9. They think they are, thanks to all the money Bill Foley paid to Bettman and to the big-name free agents. Vegas will be in cap hell in a few years, still without a cup and the team toiling at the bottom of standings.
  10. Now I feel ashamed our guys standing with Reaves in the bubble last year. He's nothing but a 4th line thug but acts like his team's most important player. He has zero class and doesn't give a sh!t about other teams players safety. Reaves wasn't worthy of Horvat and our team's camaraderie, no matter how good the cause was.
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