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  1. They know this is the last year of the honeymoon with the league, as Kraken joins next year. They will try to get away with as much shenanigans as they can.
  2. Reaves will hear from DOPS for his smashing Graves's head into the ice. 5K fine.
  3. Reaves wants to get an Avs player into fighting him but no one bites. What a fu*king goon.
  4. Vgk realize the only way to beat the Avs is injuring their key players. Dirty bastards.
  5. There are already too many self-proclaimed Youtubers like that. Who is the Steve Dangle guy btw?
  6. Newell Brown says "Nah, we just pass the puck around for a minute until it gets picked off by the other team for a breakaway."
  7. Now the Avs should put their head on a swivel... it's just a matter of time the Knights will show their true, yellow piss color underneath the golden cover.
  8. He'll have to skate with his tung out, trying to catch any Avs all night long
  9. Omg I love this! Knights are playing like 20-21 Canucks, waving their stick and failing to clear the puck over and over.
  10. I don't think any of us are giving up on Hughes, including myself. He's the kind of defenceman we've never had, destined to lead our blueline for a long time achieving greatness along the way. The only thing that might hinder his path is lack of efficient systems and adequate supporting casts, both of which we don't have.
  11. I've been also hoping to see changes with Green's 2 assistants, but it looks like they are staying.... Sigh.
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