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  1. We are, but it's all on Hughes going forward how to make himself better in the areas he's not been very good at.
  2. There's nothing more I'd love to see than the Avs crushing the souls of the Goddamn Knights.
  3. Good or bad, Miller is a probably the only guy who doesn't mince words. He's always a straight shooter and I respect that about him, as well as his physical game.
  4. Well you never know when you're going to play for one of them in another city at another time.
  5. At least we have a chance... But there's theoretical chance and then there's Canucks chance. Always.
  6. You still here? Thought you posted BYE several pages ago. But at least now we know why you don't have money to replace your keyboard/phone that has Caps Lock key broken...
  7. I don't usually post in other than GDT threads, but I just had my slim hope shattered. The ownership doesn't care about anything else but pinching pennies, even when we have probably the best young core in franchise history. Any other team with intelligent ownership and capable management would have built a contender around them already. Instead, they keep making themselves a laughingstock of the league. Please please Hank and Danny, stay away from this butt of jokes organization for now. Don't let your legacy tarnished by these idiots.
  8. Remember the California Sweep at the end of season a few years ago, when Auston Matthews was the grad prize of the draft?
  9. As far as scoring own goals LE can't hold a candle to AE. Edler scored as many own goals as braking his stick throughout his career.
  10. If you've been a Canucks fan long enough, you know tanking has never worked for us.
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