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  1. Excellent... keep em' coming. Did he score tonight?
  2. Does anyone else enjoy the fact that one of our players piss people off by just doing his job? I thoroughly enjoy it.
  3. Could this get any more ubsurd?

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    2. Realtor Rod

      Realtor Rod

      Haha, wtf is going on here. I am getting alerts and dont even know where this is? I am on mobile, is this a chat wall or something?

    3. Rush17


      I'm not sure lol. maybe a news feed option? maybe ur facebook of cdc wall? i have no idea lol. 

    4. Salmonberries


      The private message option is above the public option at the top besides the screen name Rush17.

  4. In the NHL though? It just seems strange to sign Skille, cut Etem and not use Virt in practice. I know it's early, but it just seems like Etem getting cut and keep Virt up is JB and not using Jake in practice is WD.
  5. I don't, but there sure seems to be a butting of heads over Virt. You can tell JB wants him around smashing through people and WD has him as odd man out in practice. I thought this last year as well. Jake gets a bit of the red carpet treatment for being JB first pick and, to me, that seems to bother WD in how he uses Jake. Appearance wise to me.
  6. Yep, lost 3-1. In other news Jake was the odd man out at a practice where WD said the lines were set.
  7. So Jake makes the team but WD relegates him to the press box? There is a disconnect between JB and WD. Even if its time here while Rodin recovers, Jake needs to be playing.
  8. Or put Jack in the A and watch Virtanen destroy up here.
  9. He is here to be Willie Mitchell not Paul Coffey
  10. Vey in, McCann sent down. Gaunce over Kenins.
  11. If he isn't, we have to trust their judgement, but I watched Jake quite a few times in Calgary last year and he was not utilized correctly IMO. Hopefully they can get him dealt.
  12. Smarter people than us are making the decisions and hopefully they see what he brings to the table as necessary and rare.
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