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  1. We still got one more game to play. If we show up and get a few bounces, we should be able to play another one. I'm really hoping the Nucks can pull this off.

  2. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  3. Pokerstars Home Games Tournament tonight after the game!

  4. Hey Dazzle :D thanks for the headsup, but i'm not sure if Ill make it tonight. nice having you around though, man.

  5. CDC Poker Tournament Tonight!

  6. CDC Poker Tournament tonight!

  7. buddy! first thing first, i hope you get a graet rest before your presentation and that you have a good one. Yikes, you seem to have a lot on your plate :o schools getting intense lol

  8. Haha np man. Ohh things are just starting to get worse. I have presentation at 8am in the morning tmrw and then a lab exam for entomology identification on thursday. Following that, five final exams, 4 of them being 8:30am. Oh joy!! And despite how much I love snow ball fights and skiing, I am not looking forward to commuting when the snow starts falling.

  9. i am doing good buddy! thankyou for the shout, how's everythiing been with you? how is school going?

  10. Sup buddy! Haven't seen you around! How's life treating ya?

  11. happy belated birthday Sharp.

    haven't seen you posting for the past little while? lol, just taking a lil break?

  12. Comment vas-tu, mon ami?

  13. i like your use of the #19 haha.. good stuff.

  14. Ramadan Mubarak! (Islamic month of fasting and prayer for those who don't know)

    1. Super19


      No, the Islamic Calendar and our calender differ, it just so happens to be that this year the month of Ramadan starts August 1st. Last year it started on August 11th.

    2. :D


      Happy Ramada Hotel to all my Muslim friends!

  15. Happy Birthday Naslund! ''Le Super19''

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