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  1. We still got one more game to play. If we show up and get a few bounces, we should be able to play another one. I'm really hoping the Nucks can pull this off.

  2. Hey Dazzle :D thanks for the headsup, but i'm not sure if Ill make it tonight. nice having you around though, man.

  3. buddy! first thing first, i hope you get a graet rest before your presentation and that you have a good one. Yikes, you seem to have a lot on your plate :o schools getting intense lol

  4. i am doing good buddy! thankyou for the shout, how's everythiing been with you? how is school going?

  5. happy belated birthday Sharp.

    haven't seen you posting for the past little while? lol, just taking a lil break?

  6. i like your use of the #19 haha.. good stuff.

  7. Ramadan Mubarak! (Islamic month of fasting and prayer for those who don't know)

    1. Super19


      No, the Islamic Calendar and our calender differ, it just so happens to be that this year the month of Ramadan starts August 1st. Last year it started on August 11th.

    2. :D


      Happy Ramada Hotel to all my Muslim friends!

  8. Happy Birthday Naslund! ''Le Super19''

  9. Dw bout em, ignore em if you have to.

  10. And to you, mon AMI!

  11. hey buddy! hahaha yeah, so you know zyzz too eh?

  12. haha Pwnage, it's you!

    naice, i have no idea how to type that though ¿

  13. this was like a stanley cup celebration:

    1. Venom52


      I'll never forget it, mainly because the one time I left the room the whole night Burr scored that goal. I actually kicked my couch rather than jump up and down in celebration.

    2. Super19


      ill never forget it too. i went downstairs start of OT because my heart could literally not take it. i heard my dad turn up the volume of the TV i booked it up there to catch the celebration. it was beautful, makes me happy everytime.

      next year well celebrate the real thing tho haha!

    3. Pierre's_Monster


      =') love this team so much.

  14. Sup Sharpie

    Do you know how H2H is doing? he just disappeared...

  15. im doing good buddy thanks for asking. and yourself? how has poker been haha

  16. what a game!!!

  17. that finland goal against russia was so sick

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    2. Super19


      haha yeah that was so incredible to see, you said it. and haha no man :P

    3. HockeyChick8


      omg that was so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. HockeyChick8


      omg that was so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. C84 wasssuuuppp! saw you on canuckletux's wall haha

  19. don't forget about the election!

  20. thanks for popping by mr sig maker :)

  21. if you say "WE win" when the canucks win, but say "THEY lost" when the canucks lose, you a bandwagoner fan son. We are all canucks. Let's do this boys! Go canucks!!!!!

  22. GOOD MORNING and go canucks go, lets get some sweet revenge!

  23. saw a spider near my bed... went to grab a tissue to kill that mofo only to find that i don't see the spider no more. o.o i aint sleeping tonight

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    2. Slender Man
    3. qball


      Tissues come with far too much risk of actual physical contact with the spider - I prefer the long reach of my central vac!

    4. Super19


      @ 14B17 : i knoowwww

      @ DM88: you arent helping!! LOL i hope karma doesnt... bite me in the a$$

      @ Bure Who: yo man... spiders. freaking spiders. they are awesome just not around my bed.

      @ qball: ROFL. takes too much time though

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