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  1. When did I insult anyone? Herb just called me a joke... you turned a blind eye to that... Not that I'm insulted.
  2. Because I dont think pod is the next captain of the canucks?
  3. This place is a joke anymore. Pod should have won at Ross last year. Guy was robbed.
  4. I come to CDC to discuss with others. Not myself. Am I doing something wrong here? Like to the point where a mod needs to step in? It's getting to the point where you cant criticize any part of any players game without these baseless claims of trolling here. Is this a disccusion board or a canuck ego boost board?
  5. Just did. Everyone says they love him. Future captain. 100% everyone agrees.
  6. Just curious if you actually seen anyone claim this.
  7. It's getting pathetic but they need to put their foot down and not play him.
  8. Whomever we draft in 2023 will be our next captain.
  9. Hope he proves me wrong.
  10. I also dont see the obsession. Guy played one season for us and it's likely it ends there lol.
  11. Having the puck the entire game doesn't hurt... let's see how he fares against the yanks
  12. I wish I see what many on here see in pods. I just dont. I see Jannik Hansen.
  13. Im Free all day so fine by me to move to 5 or 6