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  1. The difference between dalhen and those guys is they took their services to another league before the nhl. Something dalhen isnt willing to do.
  2. This was my top pick for our 3c next season. Kinda went out the door with pearson signing I guess. Also he never made it to market haha. A guy could dream though.
  3. To touch back on dahlen, all fine and dandy doi ng what he thinks is best for himself and tirma, but the AHL is more than a bus ride. It's a stepping stone to the nhl. Alveksten or whatever isnt.
  4. Oh for sure. The same but different. He didnt feel comfortable playing because of the whole russian thing, so he didnt.
  5. If his concerns are big enough he'll sit for a bit. If not then I guess it's just to get a leg up. When I also understand. Funny how all this "pressure" to play goes away during contract holdouts and CBA strikes lol.
  6. Why feel pressure. Rask did it. Panarin took a leave this year. Lots of nfl players have opted out. Any pressure being applied is coming from between the ears. Play if you're comfortable. Dont if you dont feel safe. That's pretty much the message I've heard from every employer in canada and usa.
  7. K Players have a choice to play. Miller and any other player can forfeit their salary if they dont feel comfortable. I guess hes not that concerned if he elects to play. I refuse to play the blame game here. The cards are all on the table. Play or dont play.
  8. Deeeerailed Just like every players career in the chl right now lol. And OJ.
  9. Meh. Comets went through the same thing. They seem to be doing just fine. As did other teams in the league.
  10. I'm pretty sure ovi will be playing for the stanley cup lol
  11. Boyd hasn't even played a single game for us lol. I also doubt we play 3 rookies next year. Just not greens style.
  12. Is there some backstory I'm not aware of? If it's the losing frustration I dont think that's a bad thing... Oilers accepted losing for a decade. Look where it got them.
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