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  1. Remember this guy. Duncan Keith 2.oh after 1 good wjc
  2. Went all the way. With your moms
  3. 7 time border city ball hockey champion. Bet you guys didnt realize you were amongst a legend like myself.
  4. Do you guys actually see him as an nhler right now? Seemed more like a depth forward to me.
  5. Why that order? You really want to know what your balls taste like? I'd rather go bar down in this scenario lol
  6. Who's taking the slap shot? Are we talking weber? Or stretcher lol?
  7. I'm not sold on this at all. 3.5 is pretty good imo. He's still young theres alot of potential there. I think a team like Detroit would gladly pay for him.
  8. Ben Hutton. Just better at everything. Same style imo.
  9. Remember when people predicted the world would end and cause a flat cap? I dont.