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  1. Ugh you better fact check that one again lol Gretz has 56 eng He has a 93g lead over howe and a 876 pt lead over jagr...
  2. Makes me wonder why he isnt a sabers fan. How happy he'd be. And us too!
  3. If mods arent going to do anything g about it I'll just annoy him till he leaves.
  4. Was it a great effort? 2 posts ago you called it a lucky bounce...
  5. You wont be able to see our greatest weakness without a mirror bud. Only you.
  6. Also owners of the largest cry baby fanbase in the universe apparently. Ask yourself this. Are you a fan of the team if you're upset when they win?
  7. Be nice Mr. MM. Don't forget our wager. Your behavior from now till the draft will determine the severity of your team name haha.
  8. I could sit here and type out a long not so humble championship speech if I wanted to. Well I want to so buckle up. There are only two types of people in this world, winners (me), and losers (yous). Luckily for all of you, we can't have a winner without a bunch of losers. That's where you guys come in. As good as the king of pop was, he still needed backup dancers. And look, if you're feeling bad, please don't. After finishing the season with the highest winning% in league history, you never had a chance. This isnt a normal team, and I'm not a normal manager. We are th
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