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  1. Hey man I hope so too. I just don't see it. I'd be surprised if he accomplished what Eichel has at this point in his career.
  2. Best player we ever had lol. Pettersson isn't even the best player on our current roster.
  3. Every coach in the NHL has yelled. Maybe consider watching chess.
  4. Sure missed his giveaways last night. Here's to hoping he's back soon. Maintenance day my ass.
  5. What do they do to guys that never start competing? Like schenn...
  6. I'll never forget the time I left a bar the Canucks were down like 4-1 to Toronto. By the time I got to the next bar we were winning.
  7. Being out east I get excited to see the early games. You'd think I learn.
  8. Brock boesers anger issues are hurting this team- Miller critics probably
  9. Hey look at that the top line looks good with our leading scorer... Who'd a thunk
  10. Showed something his first season. Past that I'm not sure he'll ever reach ppg. He's a passenger and doesn't drive the bus.
  11. Now now. You have to be happy to eat the $&!#. Just like Miller. No temper. ELE
  12. Hey how does our top line look? Lifeless? Maybe we should put our leading scorer on it?
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