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  1. Due to harassment I have made it so that I have to okay my comments. I received them. BELIEVE ME You sound decent and want to do what is right. A respectable person. I DOUBT that you did ANYTHING wrong. They make the mistakes! Period! It's just a gang of cyber bullies. Write back after reading BB's posts. I would like your opinion.

  2. Ehrhoff's donkey and was on his dick. I reported it. The suspension was one day then peevish writes me to provoke me. BB's posts are not only belittling but are quite crude. Obviously, her immature, disgraceful behavior is okay. But, try to defend yourself and you've made a personal attack. She makes vulgar, tasteless comments and that's okay, then she berates members for their "childish remarks.TLGO

  3. Seriously, people need to support each other and speak out. The posts from the mods are rude and improper. Without warning I received a week long? suspension. It's supposed to be a warning or one day. Really you need to read the posts by Bertuzzibabe and see the harsh comments. There you will see other's who have been victimized. Then their "friends"(peevish) say things like I h...

  4. grop åt andra faller ofta själv däri.

  5. and lager hog. They cannot be trusted. Now, either you will completely ignore these messages, appreciate them or report me. Do what you need to do. I am beyond caring at this point. I much prefer HFBoards.com. It is a shame when employees cannot be just and members have to find other respectable sites. The Canuck's Organization is damaged by these corrupt individuals. Den som gräver en...

  6. I'm waiting for Kevin Kinghorn to respond a second time to my email. Haven't received it yet. I showed him examples of member abuse. I don't even know if it is really him who responded. I will have to go to upper management due to his lack of professionalism. It's not about hockey anymore for me. It's about members rights. Watch out for BB, Stealth, DLPanda,Peevish, blue.dragon258, pinecone

  7. I would have preferred to pm this, but since that was not an option I wrote here as I DO NOT CARE what the mods think or do. Stealth is unfair as he gives extremely lenient 1 day suspensions to his buds. If they don't like you, they attack you. Then they cite you with a personal attack when you defend yourself. This place is utterly corrupt and a disgrace to the Canuck's organization.

  8. I hesitated to write this due to your excellent rep. Some mods don't follow any rules. Especially BertuzziBabe. If you go to her profile and read some of her posts you can actually see her pathetic, unprofessional posts. It's abuse of authority. Give a little authority and the sadists spring forth. She really makes harsh and unjust comments just to taunt. Go read them.

  9. detests abuse of authority by employees.Abuse: to use improperly; misuse; to assail with contemptuous or insulting words. HFBoards.com is respectable.

  10. usch! "so easy, a caveman could do it"

    How could someone like you be born on such a special day as May 1st?

  11. Your comment regarding Ehrhoff was just your opinion. Remember that. When we insult our own players that is disloyal. Ehrhoff is appreciated by many. Your choices to me are very poor. I disagree. That is my opinion. How some of those made your list is crazy to me. Ehrhoff will always be at a disadvantage because he is German. To me he is in the top ten. His defensive stats this year were awesome.

  12. Tack.(thank you) This place is really harsh!

  13. Nej,jag gillar Deathstars. No, I like Deathstars.

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