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  1. Must have, I have the most recent update, he started at 57 and after two years in junior he was around a 63. After 4 years in the AHL he got up to an 84, then dropped to 82 the year after.
  2. Well I did talk to him yesterday. All random questions about him personally. Says he golfs almost every single day in the offseason, likes COD, NHL and NFL games. When I asked what he thought of his overall rating in NHL13 (57) he kinda winced and then laughed and said "not much I can do about it". Prefers winter over summer, loves sushi, sister had a baby this summer. Pretty unexciting stuff haha, at least he smiled during the interview, something I hadn't seen before
  3. Haha I don't think so. I've talked to him twice before, he seems like a robot during his interviews. He also sounds like he's 40, even though he looks like he's 12
  4. I might be going to talk to Gaunce today, doing a story on him for school. If I talk to him I'll let you guys know what he says, I'm asking him questions about him, not hockey, as my story is focusing on "Getting to know the real Brendan Gaunce"
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    That guy's a handsome mother ****er
  6. your link didn't work....