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    Scandinavians everywhere! Sports: loves hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, figure skating. Enjoys singing/dancing, theatre sports, sci-fi movies, comic-cons & saunas. T.V. faves: The Good Place, IT Crowd, The 100, The Masked Singer, dystopian Sci-Fi or almost anything from the DC & Marvel comic book worlds, can’t help but watch absurd US political theatre, Masterpiece Theatre, & stuff on the History Channel like Vikings, of course!

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  1. Edler won’t be resigned. He won’t be protected. He will finish-up his career as a Canuck or retire. If he comes back, Edler’s contract will be for less & for a single season at a time. He may even return mid-season like some other cagey veterans have done - to be part of the team’s defensive play-off depth, yet not wear himself-out over a full season’s campaign to get there.
  2. Wish those media types had done their jobs & asked the ‘obvious’ question of Green, so that he could answer it, one way or another - and simply put a controversy to rest. But, yes - Green needed to make far better efforts to deploy Hoglander in the closing minute(s): 1) to reward the kid for excellent play on the night 2) to reward some very impatient & deserving fans with a little extra excitement, in those closing moments. ^The fans watching at home needed to be a part of Greener’s consideration, here, too…particularly in a foresaken season,
  3. Must pick in the top 10. Play Holtby & the AHLers. Sit anyone with the hint of injury.
  4. Edler has more games coming up to get his 100th. Höglander had 2 goals bagged already, a hatty is even more rare.
  5. Is this not accurate? Not arrogant - being honest. Did he mention the play of his ‘mates tonight? The quote is brief.
  6. The press corps is not worth their salt if they don’t ask Green why Höglander wasn’t out there to try for that hatty? If Hogs was tired - use that TO…and let him try. Did I miss it being used earlier? I don’t think so. Höglander was clearly dialed in this game & with his strong shooting accuracy, stick-checking skills & speed - he was more than a solid bet to score, even on a long-shot empty netter, there. A Greener-fail moment.
  7. That was an awkward shmauzzle!! I think the Jet-dude got knee-capped in the head by Dubois.
  8. That’s it! He’s got the fire of desire, confidence & little or no hesitancy. Hogs is a highly-skilled, well-balanced instinctual player. This hockey-smart kid also has immense respect for his body. He has reached a place in his psyche, where he has total faith in it to find ways to achieve all that he wants it to achieve. Those stretch steals, diving-tip passes, shot blocks, corner dekes & opportunistic goals are things of beauty. His quest for self-mastery is on-going, so as he continues to gel with new teammates & learn eve
  9. I just had candied maple salmon on rye crisp bread with fresh dill, and a lingonberry soda. Varsägod! Skäl!!!
  10. There are few things to which we’d say never again, …but Mark Messier & John Tortorella are definitely 2 of them.
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