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    Scandinavians everywhere! Sports: loves hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, figure skating. Enjoys singing/dancing, theatre sports, sci-fi movies, comic-cons & saunas. T.V. faves: The Good Place, IT Crowd, The 100, The Masked Singer, dystopian Sci-Fi or almost anything from the DC & Marvel comic book worlds, can’t help but watch absurd US political theatre, Masterpiece Theatre, & stuff on the History Channel like Vikings, of course!

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  1. It wasn’t the time & Shorty was completely caught off guard. He simply didn’t know how to respond. Couldn’t pretend it was funny when Hirsch asks him if he knows that it’s nut-day, week or month or something & infers something to the effect that Shorty might consider him one. Groan! Corey will live & learn about on-air banter, as he’s lived & learned how to progress all his life. No doubt, it will be discussed, in debrief.
  2. Within the final 3 or 4 minutes, but before Garland got his empty netter. Just before the 6 on 4, when Chicago called a timeout, I think.
  3. Yah, Canucks did Sedin-night better than they executed Patrick Kane night. I feel good, da-da-da-da-da-da-da, I knew that I would now! Happy dancin’!
  4. It must be closing-in on Christmas, because Garland is growing on me!
  5. Here’s the game-management-tilt-of-the-ice we were all expecting. Corey’s nut joke fell harder than a lead balloon. Not the time buddy!
  6. Did Pettersen just win a face-off? Or was that Miller? Face-off wins often lead to somethin’ in your favour. We need some more of those, please!
  7. Myers and his twig. The difference between being the hero or a zero on that play, was mere millimetres!
  8. Remember when CHI vs VAN were guaranteed sell-outs for the NHL, in both cities? I wonder if/when those days are returning, again.
  9. Good quick work on that - too! Stay hungry!! Go for in for another!!
  10. Good to hear, ‘cuz if playin’ the O-6 ‘hawks doesn’t get their motors running, then Hank & Dank need to sit these lads down for a history lesson.
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