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  1. I think he and Toffer would have been great co-leaders for this fairly young forward group. I believe he remains pissed about the team’s asset management style & is missing his former wingman...a lot.
  2. There are still some sure things in this draft. Benning’s failings have not generally been in evaluation of talent. It’s been poor contact & asset management & deal-making or the lack there of.
  3. Is Marky’s stick work and break out passing really that much better than Demer’s or Holtby’s? Does losing one or two defensemen (Tanev & Stecher) really make all that much of a difference to the team’s chemistry & quality of break-out passing? Benning took an up-start team & blew up their core components early. He should have found a way to hold onto the strongest anchors on their back-end & brightest offensive spark-plug upfront. He’s been a decent scout but a failure at contracts, deal-making & trades. Demote him or fire him. Bring in someone better, old or new.
  4. I’m over losing Marky. I’m slowly getting over losing Tanev. Toffoli - I think the team might be missing you the most. The feeling that this team can practically score at will to close out &/or come back in games, gone. Confidence & swagger is perhaps a commodity that the Canucks need most. I blame Benning. Pull the chute, FA.
  5. Who’s the guy pushing the crowd “groaning” button... you suck!!!
  6. Myers & Edler vying each other to see who can take the most untimely or costly penalties this season.
  7. I can’t even process this.... how freaky-fracky lucky was that last $&@“?&! goal against? Maybe, we’re meant to actually get the 1st over-all draft pick in the lotto this year?
  8. If you’re the ‘good luck’ charm, plant yourself down & do not even leave your seat to get a brewski!
  9. I think they can! I think they can! I think they can! I think they can!
  10. Oh-my-freakin’-nerves!!! C’mon Eddie, you’re supposed to be the wise & elder statesman of this team!!! HOW COULD YOU BE SO CARELESS!!!
  11. Ya gotta believe in victory, guys! Press for more goals! First to the puck! Shots, shots, shots! Score!