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  1. That's Torts! Egotistical... & reluctant to repent to the last! So many lessons still un-learned. Spectacle & marketing measures do matter. Respecting the senior members of his dressing-room...& the devotion those players have earned from their peers for past-leadership...means something too. Tortorella obviously gave little or NO weight to such factors as the need for his goalie to have some previous big-stage experience in that situation. He failed to acknowledge the desire of the fans to honour a player who's stats fill the team's record books - making Luongo an integral part of Vancouver Canucks hockey history. Wasn't this the purpose of the Heritage Classic?! This disconnect was inexcusable! Ludicrous! Tortorella is NO players' coach if he is so out-of-touch with the wishes of his room. And - he must be less intelligent than than those who DO understand the important "coaching" concepts of.... loyalty, devotion, motivation. & team-building...that he cannot.

  2. Shawn Thornton has not been suspended by the leagiue..previous to this...'cuz he's a Bruin...and used to a lot of suspension dodges just like his teammates Chara, Lucic , Marchand...and the rest. The league is to blame for not setting proper boundaries ...for this particular team. The President of the Board of Governer team! Their entitlements to be overtly violent...exceed everyone else's...& by a long shot. Shanny & his DPS are all )-6 affiliated appointees who cannot be unbiased...especially when it comes to appeasing or taking marching orders from the persons who HIRED them. Thornton has gone well beyond Bertuzzi territory, here. The Bertuzzi/Moore incident was motivated by revenge...but the level of Moore's injurues were caused by a seeries of unfortunate events of which others played a role & participated. Bertuzzi was indirectly responsible for the injuries moore sustained. In this instance THornton is completely responsible for the injury done to Orpik. He has also taken his reputation to the Sean Avery level & clearly put the league in disrepute.But - what should we expect from a player on a team that is given no boundaries, Turf the DPS...elect èm all. A hopefully the other owners & GMs will see that...enough is enough. It`s time for a regime change in the NHL. Topple the traditional cronies who talk of progress & change...but only continue to use every bully tactic possible - to make others the examples ...but not themselves.

  3. Towel power started in Van City. Any other team in the league can go ahead & change their towel color or give bizarre t-shirts away...but the white towel is an original baby! There's even a statue outside of our arena commemorating its' inception. It should be here to stay! But - I kinda like the idea of the Johnny Canuck toque catchin' on....with play-off beards....& twin-power!

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