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  1. 16 minutes ago, CanucksJay said:

    I wonder how the team will play the remainder of the season knowing that they're not really playing for anything at this point... 


    It’ll be like playing in the world’s longest Pee-Wee hockey tournament, few if any spectators, stakes aren’t all that high, & the games are only slightly more meaningful than practices. 

    Lotto pick in a year where there was little opportunity to scout the draft picks. This is where Benning might give up a last gasp at redemption,...before finally being let go. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Devron44 said:

    Just give Julien an intern gig till the end of the year and see how it goes.


    It’d be like when the Canucks hired Mike Keenan. That dude also won a cup in a league-enabled O-6 environment & city....with zero success in VAN.  It’s a vastly different implementation of league rules here in VanCity, where the league frequently short-changes the franchise & offers little credit. 


    1. League completely mismanages the Moore/Naslund/Burtuzzi crisis/incident

    2. Stats show Rome over-suspended in 2011 SC-Final

    3. Burrows was clearly-blackballed by old-school officials after the Auget incident & controversy. Team goes from being least-penalized NHL team one season to the most-penalized team in the next, with virtually the same players.  

    4. Duncan Keith permitted to threaten/head-hunt a Sedin & remained in that game to insense his opponents. League then gives the villain a brief & welcome rest ‘before’ the play-offs while our guy nearly misses the 1st round. (Lost to LA - 2012-SC Champions) 
    5. Team one of only a few punished with unfair cap-recapture penalty (Luongo’s contract), instead of grandfathering-in the ‘new’ CBA rule.

    Canucks’ fans have long memories. So, no thanks to Julien, he’s not all that. 

    There’s only a few reasons why a winning team would fire a head coach. I saw enough of Julien’s coaching-style, character & drama-queen antics in the 2011 SCFinal, to believe anything, in this regard. 

    Don’t want or need to see any more Keenan/Tortorella/Julien-like stuff, here. 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Canuckfanforlife82 said:

    Ya so that tells you Virtanen just chooses to not show up most nights. When you show you can do it then it has to be something you do most of the time. He's just a lazy player.

    Either he’s distracted by the big bucks & a hometown possee or he doesn’t have the inner drive, smarts or necessary work ethic to become a  better player and succeed.

    All signs scream that this player needs a change of scenery, to keep his NHL career afloat. 

    Feeling a bit sorry for his mom & pop ‘cuz this guy’s leaving town, when the dealing begins before/after the dispersal draft. 

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Dogcrazy said:

    As bas as Miller looks, he still seems to be our best forward in regards to creating chances offensively.  This is how bad our team is.  

    I think he and Toffer would have been great co-leaders for this fairly young forward group. I believe he remains pissed about the team’s asset management style & is missing his former wingman...a lot. 

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  5. Is Marky’s stick work and break out passing really that much better than Demer’s or Holtby’s?

    Does losing one or two defensemen (Tanev & Stecher) really make all that much of a difference to the team’s chemistry & quality of break-out passing?


    Benning took an up-start team & blew up their core components early. He should have found a way to hold onto the strongest anchors on their back-end & brightest offensive spark-plug upfront.   

    He’s been a decent scout but a failure at contracts, deal-making & trades. Demote him or fire him. Bring in someone better, old or new. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, LeafsFanDan said:

    Yah but i don't really play into that rhetoric everyone always says "that team or that player is good over there"


    Aren't they all best in the world in the NHL?

    Agreed, there is no clear NHL#1 “best in the world”, because on any given night someone is capable of outshining the others.

    Also, do not discount the fact that (like in the NYR/Messier era) some teams benefit by having league-enabled star players, who’s stats can be inflated &/or who’s misdeed get over-looked.