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  1. 13 minutes ago, ilduce39 said:

    Yeah - to me I immediately read that as Shorty being uncomfortable with Hirsch’s history with mental health.  

    But if we’re being honest - no one is going to cancel Shorty because rambly old Hirsch said “you always call me crazy” - and pretty clearly just trying to set himself up as the comedic foil to Shorty’s impeccably professional calls.

    It wasn’t the time & Shorty was completely caught off guard. He simply didn’t know how to respond. Couldn’t pretend it was funny when Hirsch asks him if he knows that it’s nut-day, week or month or something & infers something to the effect that Shorty might consider him one. Groan! 

    Corey will live & learn about on-air banter, as he’s lived & learned how to progress all his life. 

    No doubt, it will be discussed, in debrief.  



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  2. On 10/14/2021 at 9:46 PM, CaptKirk888 said:

    Well that was unexpected. I believe that moment is far from Daniel’s mind based on how he presented himself as a true professional on the ice one off. It’s a game, moments happen. We as fans were all shocked and disappointed by that play. It should have been a catalyst for the Canucks to overcome, but that did not happen. 

    Your right of course, about the dignity of the Sedins. 

    It is because the Sedins have taken the high road & such things in stride over their entire careers that we, the fans, are calling out this particularly over-lauded & over-hyped dude as NO hero in this league….for that - he is not.

    I see Duncan Keith as being akin to Mark Messier. Both were thoroughly league-enabled on O-6s for a good portion of their careers. They were permitted to cross over lines that other players would/could not, to the benefit of their teams. Their regularly over-looked elbows & head-shots kept mixed-messaging alive. Counter to the rules that the game professed, these players espoused old/school codes, like  being a cheat until caught or using vigilante justice instead of letting officials mete- out justice in games. The new DPS was even farcically seeded with former NHL-hitmen, to be “jury & judges” who hand-out their unique brand of “enlightened” discipline. We see your truculent hands & bloodlines in everything that’s there, Brian Burke! 

    How was it possible that the Sedins, who played the game more honourably than anyone - were oft maligned? Well, it’s a decade later as GMs like Sakic & Yzerman have taken to the helms of teams & risen  to the fore.  Player safety, accountability & having far greater respect for your fellow union bros, may now be improving. College  recruits are far more valuable than draftees attempting the jump to the pro game fresh out of high school. SMART hockey protects brains. SMART hockey respects science,  knowledge, education & mental health. SMART hockey builds life skills, citizenship skills, people skills, maturity, more compassion & an awareness of human dignity. 

    In a subsequent series vs the LA Kings, Keith in another flash of impulsive anger swung a blind stick into the face of his opponent, Jeff Carter. He apologizes in this instance. Hmmm, baby steps.

    If only Duncan Keith would own-up to lying to the DPS regarding his head-hunting of Daniel & express a little remorse for it. I’d call that a victory of conscience, and let it go. But, as he knows & we ALL know, Canucks’ Nation is still waiting for  that. How about giving us a few crumbs of humility, before these heroic twins are inducted into the Hockey-Hall-of-Fame? If not, take your “boos”, remain in the Hall-of-Shame with others of your ilk & expect a few more visits from Lady Karma .


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  3. On 10/14/2021 at 7:10 PM, CaptKirk888 said:

    Oh, ok. I never commented on that subject. But I agree. I don’t think Dank even thinks about that. It was a great hockey play and hit by Myers. I guess it’s more the fans here that remember the past digressions by DK.




    ^It’s the repercussions of that hit that we ‘remember’ most. 

    Daniel was put-out of commission for the 1st play-off round of what should have been a repeat opportunity at the Stanley Cup, with a similar line-up intact. 

    Instead - the Canucks lose a few shakey games to the upstart LA Kings despite our Canucks being the top-seed & President’s Cup winners, as top-point gatherers in the NHL that season. 


    And - what were Keith’s consequences, you ask? He inexplicably stayed in that controversial game in CHI, proving that certain referees (O’Halloran, in this instance) have biases or deep pockets & are ingratiated to certain O-6 power-brokering owners & their So-Cal voting-block buddies.

    Keith also got a welcome 5-game rest before his CHI team entered the play-offs, the injury he caused severely impacted the future success of a chief western conference rival who faced a very tough early round match-up vs the eventual 2012 SCup winners. 

    Keith lost his cool (as is his history) and deliberately injured Daniel Sedin, to settle a score after being rubbed-out along the boards earlier, where he himself was NOT injured. Threats of vigilante justice came repeatedly from the CHI bench, made primarily by Keith himself. These threats were also seen and/or heard by on/off ice officials. 

    Talk on our CDC boards debated all of the league’s implied explanations as to why Keith was not suspended longer with some carry-over suspension time into the play-offs. During DPS interviews, Keith said that the hit was accidental, as he lost sight of a puck in the air & apparently the DPS believed this. Just saying so, will not make a every statement true. The circumstantial evidence loudly contradicted Keith’s words. Longer suspension time was also not considered, because play-off games are deemed to be worth significantly more than simple league games. Ha!! Not if opponents try to eliminate league stars & scoring leaders, prior to quite possibly facing them in an upcoming play-off round! Many argued suspensions assessed in the last “10” league games of the regular season should be more severe, to deter such strategies from ever being deployed or considered. 

    So for foiling the SCup hopes of one of the best Vancouver Canucks teams ever assembled, and for threatening the livelihood of a bonafide league super-star & one of the most honest & honorable hockey-players to ever suit up in the NHL….we WILL heartily boo Duncan Keith in perpetuity. 

    His kids & grandkids will keep asking him, “why do they boo you in Vancouver at their home games, Dad/grand-dad?” Duncan Keith will be forced to own-up to being a vindictive dirt-bag - every time!




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  4. 19 hours ago, Duodenum said:

    Tanner Pearson is a 20% shootout player, dumb choice to select him.

    Miller was terrible as was the powerplay.

    Hogz and OEL looked great, Hughes played well I thought.


    Green can't be pissing away points making zero IQ decisions. 

    ^ Yup. Smith knows nothin’ about Hogz & with our guy’s speed, creativity, & diverse skill-set following some very hot play tonight - I believe, as everyone else does, that Hoglander would have scored on Smitty in the SO. 

    Even sending out OEL to just T-up a slap-shot at Smitty, had far better odds than sending out Pearson tonight. Neither Pearson nor Miller were feelin’ it or performing at their best. 

    My SO five:





  5. 2 minutes ago, Canuckfanforlife82 said:

    Good to get a point but it always feel

    we come up short in shootouts. Some

    of the coaches decisions are just dumb. Why was Miller out there in a shootout? Green needs to let him know his play tonight was unacceptable but then he is there in the shootout.

    I would have put Hogz out there.

    Smutty would know little or nothing about him, and Hogz options are all so diverse. 

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