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  1. Marky must be wondering if their bench will allow Riddick to share in the pain here? As long as he’s still between the pipes, wreck his stats boys!
  2. Pearson-Horvat-Hoglander line needs a name....and go! a) A Bro & 2 Hoes b) The Hoseline
  3. Tie it up! Tie it up! Tie it up! Go Canucks Go! Lotto-line activate!!!
  4. Mental energies unite! Tie it up! Tie it up! Tie it up! Meyers! What-the-.....?!!
  5. Bad luck & gaffs usually present in threes,...I hope this means their quota is full & that the third goes cleaner & better! Go Canucks Go! Win da turd!
  6. What the heck happened?? Schmidt! Horrific lack of chemistry there with his ‘tender. Good grief, man! REDEEM yourself!
  7. Longing to see bubble-like heroics, here,... because of all the Canadian division teams - it will hurt most losing to these ‘Lames.
  8. Okay folks, mental energies united! See the puck, will it past Marty & into the net! Now go!!
  9. Many missed ops & being sabotaged by refs who are not seeing things on par to the same standard for both teams....yet again.
  10. The Flames have been rewarded with 2 creepy/ugly goals on a pair of pretty low-bar penalties. Expecting fair and/or impartial officiating at this point is beyond futile.
  11. It’s almost there Nils,..forget about the scouting reports, just do your thang!
  12. Is Gaudette’s hair the source of his mojo the biblical, Samson? Yes or no?
  13. Toffer was our man. Benning messed with this team’s chemistry & may have blown-up his entire project. Maybe, it’s time for someone else to give it a try.
  14. The pace is top-notch!! Go Canucks Go! Petey’s puck luck is more that past due!