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  1. Well that sure backfired on Sutherland! Put the TBL third-line in the box with the Habs top D-man plus 2. Go figure! LOL Pfffllllttt! Take that Kelly!
  2. Here it is - drama to misinterpret! It has gotten to this stage because he doesn’t know how to use a whistle in a professional manner calling a straight up game. Time to feel like a big-shot & meddle! Can’t make it clear where the line is for these players. Hell no!!
  3. Yah. To Kelly a “Marchand” is still acceptable, but “truth-speaking” while wearing an “A” gets you a 10-minute misconduct, that’s what I mean by drama to misinterpret. Sutherland always has an angle when his pride, ethics, or game management style is exposed for what it is….”old school appeasement”, the rules, modern ethics & standards be damned. Here we go! On with the show!
  4. Who else thinks that Messier is more likely get a gig at a call-centre, than he will as an NHL-GM or Team President? His on-ice ethics were so poor, no one wants him near their young players in today’s NHL. Yet, Bettman & the good ol’ boys on the Board of Governors of this league can’t get enough of Messier’s “old school image” & reputation being out there in circulation and representing the league! Great mixed-messaging, y’all.
  5. Kelly Sutherland & partner will just bag their whistles, unless there’s some on-ice drama to be misinterpreted. Just DON’T want to see this Cup won in controversial fashion. I’ve seen enough of those to last a lifetime.
  6. Back to square one. Hope the 2nd period Canadiens come back with an edge in the third, instead of the 1st period Canadiens. Full tilt boys! Win da turd!!!
  7. Maybe it is not that they aren’t useable. Perhaps, there should be a game night roster cap? Or - you choose your play-off roster of players to fit under the regular-cap for a series & cannot deploy anyone else unless a league-approved doctor certifies that a player is done for a series & cap rules would still apply for that replacement player. The IIHF even has rules about adding players late to the show, leaving roster spots open. (That is player #s) What if an expensive LITR player is expected to return, & you have to leave cap space open for his return, or remove 2 players from your capped roster to make room, when he does. Something like that. Level the playing field, something has to happen.
  8. Stamkos Played one game, but scored a very big & inspirational goal. The ‘Malhotra’ effect - for one game at least, it really did matter.
  9. It’ll feel better winning it infront of their own fans. I think they will slack off a little in Game 4. Better enjoy it while they can because that surplus 18 Million cap scam - is likely to be closed when the League/Governors & GMs meet & start screaming at each other about it, this off-season. It definitely helped the TBL deploying ‘returning superstars’ after injury, for two seasons in a row. Owners & GMs won’t stand for it being attempted in any way, shape or form - for 3rd time.
  10. I think they will play light & easy in game 4 yes. They’ll risk it. Coach won’t ask ‘em, players won’t say it, but subconsciously, they really crave & want the ‘full meal deal’ & in their home arena this time, too.
  11. This might be the last season that surplus-cap players can carry over into the post season. Mark my words, the inequity over these past 2 seasons, of benefit to the TBL has just been too great & given ‘em an clear advantage. Governors & GMs will be screaming at Bettman to close-up this perceived loop-hole. Fair play should be required: on the ice & in those board rooms, too!
  12. Tampa is going to play light & easy in game 4 & gamble that they can win the cup in front of their arena fans in game 5. Not saying it’ll even be a conscious choice - more like a sub-conscious thing. They will underestimate the heart of the Canadiens, and should they fall behind, will not be feeling desperate enough to push it forward for the win in game 4 - because they really in their heart/of/hearts want the epic win & home-town celebration in game 5.
  13. That’s the ‘old school’ O’Rourkian-factor. Holds his whistles back & then waits for some drama to unfold, to misinterpret in the ways his biases may be leaning.
  14. O’Rourke is the WORST referee to be out there is these situations. It’s all up to Charron to defend MTL’s interests out there now.
  15. It’s one game. They may get over confident. Under-estimating these Habs has been the ‘Achillies heel’ of each & every team they beat enroute to this SCFinal. One more time, perhaps?
  16. Don’t know if Jake can get all those wasted brain cells back, tho’. I think once they’re lost/spent, they’re gone.
  17. Anderson is totally leading the charge! He’s playing inspired puck! Get onboard with it, Habs! The comeback is officially underway!
  18. PRICE!! Welcome back to the party! Bugs Bunny calls it again (as Maroon shoots wide). “What a Maroon!” LOL
  19. O’Rourke #6 Charron #9 If I were to call how this thing plays out - watch for O’Rourke to avoid using his whistle at all, unless it is to misinterpret something in TBL’s favour. Charron will have MTL’s back, as much as he can, to balance things out.
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