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  1. Maybe a body as big as Myers’ needs his proper Zzzzs & rest schedule, because after 9/10 pm game time - isnt agreeing with him out there.
  2. Did Scott Oake just challenge Hoglander to try a lacrosse shot in this game? Lowest common denominator for a media commentator... don’t influence the news, just report on it. Don’t try to be the coach or become an insufferable groupie! Good grief!
  3. Risk it. For some players their hometown is a distraction. If that’s the case, your point is irrelevant.
  4. Benn feeling good about himself. Big Mac getting the well timed finish!!! ohhh, yahhhh!
  5. JV is not Cam Neely or Todd Bertuzzi. There should be a greater spark between his ears in regards to hockey sense, dedication & professionalism. JV is...what he is.
  6. Myers makes me face palm. Seems to be on his heels & watching a lot tonight. Don’t be a screen...don’t be a screen...don’t be a screen.
  7. Canucks have played an uber-condensed schedule with the most games of any team in the league so far.
  8. What?! Where was the retaliation roughing?! Scrums-r-us-refs? Okay! Better not double standard this...
  9. All of these PPs - let’s have some shots, shots, shots this time!
  10. Shot totals still low. Slowly clawing their way back to respectability, but reality-checks await ‘em all out East.
  11. PAD THE STATS!! PAD THE STATS!! (Chanting this mantra here at home)
  12. BB6 on road to a hatty! Mental energies unite! Let’s help make it so!
  13. We don’t know what lumps & bruises might also be involved. Many times our d-men played down a d-man or even 2, and that’s some pretty rough minutes.
  14. When their biggest butt-ugly contracts are done... I hope Toffoli returns to compliment a cup/run someday. He just seems to have luck in spades! Despite Virtanen having isolated flashes of skill...he just doesn’t play smart enough among his teammates. If he hasn’t caught fire or found a consistent game by now, I doubt he ever will. And maybe his home-town/friends are a distraction. Let-him-go-in-trade.
  15. Toffoli is a total king-maker for MTL. Wow, I’m really missin’ that guy’s energy, grit, swagger & lucky charm.
  16. I can see why they say 2-0 is the most dangerous score (lead) in hockey. Throttle-up ‘Nucks!!
  17. Dealt with that rollin’ puck masterfully. EP40 is beginning to tally points in the ways he used to, again...with the puck seeming to just follow him around.