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  1. Exactly! That template has been clearly set out by the TBL. Game the system, for surplus cap in players “during” play-off times. If OEL is struggling at all, injured, concussed or hurt in any way, let’s just pull ^that maneuver. Nudge, nudge. But, with our luck the NHL closes this loop-hole with restrictions or some other penalty attached.
  2. OAE’s enthusiasm is a given - but I really, really hope all the feelers were out getting every kind of assurance that Garland will sign here & for awhile.
  3. I have the Sedin(s), Edler, Bieksa, Naslund, Linden (skate) jerseys. No regrets! Wish I had purchased a Lumme, Ohlund, Markstrom or unearthed a Gradin throw-back jersey, too - instead I have a few paintings, hats, #numbered toques/sticks. When it’s someone’s birthday, or when game night dates happen to correspond with an ex-player’s jersey #, I put that one on. It’s all good fun, good luck & I’m just doing my part to enrich the franchise & move things along. Stanley Cup or bust!!!! Like I said previously somewhere, the majority of us are so invested in this ultimate quest of a SCup for this VanCiy, that it is virtually impossible to unplug. Pick a # OEL. I’m buying more swag!
  4. I’m afraid that Boeser & Hughes could/will bolt from the franchise for family considerations, eventually. Swedes & Finns are the better investments, because the weather is gorgeous in Scandinavia for a few months out of the year (a normal hockey off season) and they generally don’t care where they’re residing for the other 8 or 9 months. VanCity is among the best NHL environments to offer guys who appreciate those similarities to home geographically, environmentally, politically & socially. It’s not always the same, but I swear, there are days in the woods, by the sea or by a lake, when I think to myself that this easy-breezy birch tree chillaxin’ vibe feels akin to being there in Sweden or Finland.
  5. Must admit that I’m looking forward to booing Keith, a little more often & in perpetuity. Each & every time he will have to give a sheepish explanation to his kids when asked, “ Why do all those people in Vancouver boo as you play the puck, daddy?” He’ll have to admit to gooning an impeccably honourable future-hall-of-fame union bro with a deliberate & vindictive blind-side elbow because he’s incapable of controlling his temper & often acts or behaves like a maliciously vindictive arse, on the ice. A proper in-city on-air apology for that move, (which may have cost the Canucks a subsequent Stanley Cup run, when Daniel Sedin was side-lined for a portion of the 2012 1st round where they lost out to the eventual 2012 SC Champions), is long over-due. ^The booing won’t stop until then… or until Keith retires.
  6. Team-D needs to be solved, signed, sealed & delivered-up to some regular ice-time together, in order to become a synchronized machine. D-men are the heart of any hockey team. The goalies, are more like the immune system. If the D-men don’t function well, there is virtually very little game or any resistance to offer-up.
  7. Could also be the Loui Ericksson contract repeating itself. Pray that this was just a player feeling a little uninspired, depressed or stale living’ in the “United Gong-show States of America” especially in Arizona one of the politically divided & looney-toon southern States, during these very Trumpian & Covid-times. If welcomed back into the Great White North, where there are social programs & people who generally co-exist peacefully while living in reality,… this team & city may well be a godsend to this guy. I hope that’s the case, in fact I pray that’s the case…’cuz yet another albatross contract could lead to another core-flush - if value isn’t being added, perceived, seen or believed - immediately. Fingers crossed.
  8. This makes me really nervous after seeing the size & strength of the Goliath-sized pillars on both defense & offense that the Seattle Kraken just obtained through the expansion draft.
  9. Jaw dropping. Could we also interest Bergevin in a shotgun like Jake?
  10. What time do we tune in for the start of the second round?
  11. Ha-ha, I was literally just typing that this L’heureaux guy sounds like a Marchand-esque arsehole.
  12. Cheers…..to tears. Sorry man. I was also hoping for a miracle 11th hour move to land him. He was a solid peg in the board that we need & badly.
  13. Oh my gaaad!! Ceulemans is another ace going to the Blue Jackets. Right hand too! We were freakin’ dreaming to think he’d fall to the 2nd round. Damn you, Benning, for not getting this kid some way or some how.
  14. Everyone pray for Petey’s wrist! His injury was clearly no quick or easy thing. As a sprinter who has ruptured an Achilles’ tendon, it took a good long while to get that quick trigger & timing back to sprint properly, again. You’ve got to think that the speed of a shot depends a lot upon the split-second timing of a very delicate trigger. Please - pray for Petey’s wrist.
  15. Oh my gaaaaad, Quinn is already chomping at the bit to join them. Hope there’s a scheme afoot to really please our prize & get him committed for some length, or we may be in a spot of trouble down the road. On the other hand, I did like his “ their rink stinks” comment. LOL.
  16. Tanev, Markstrom, Toffoli, Stecher, Edler, (he might stay & just sniff free agency). And, Virtanen will likely be lost without compensation too. Beagle & Roussel were fading, but still niche players, who served their purpose for a time.
  17. Hard to compete for a Cup losing your top-ranking players to free agency without compensation, over & over & over again… and giving away 1st rounders & the amount of their retention time as they develop. Is Benning making VanCity the newest farm team for this league? This is now the third flushing I’ve witnessed, since the last SCup Final run. The bubble run team has been essentially flushed too. They scratch the rim of the bowl &….flush!! Good grief! Just let this team develop some synergy, brotherhood, soul & chemistry already!
  18. When the families grow & the kids come along. That’s when these groupings happen & seem to matter the most. Unless they crap out in meeting expectations all three of these Hughes boys will be the property of their respective teams awhile as first round draft picks. Compensation for them as RFAs will likely be extremely high to match but NJ might try if the Canucks don’t get a good & lengthy contract commitment.
  19. That’s what happens…shades of Sedinery. Kind of ensures that the dudes stayed together, at least, if it was by their choice.
  20. Soon it could be all three. My fear has always been - if the Canucks don’t get one of the other Hughes brothers thru draft or in trade , or the Canucks aren’t ready to Cup hunt by the time Boeser & Hughes are UFAs, they will both be inclined to walk away. Boeser closer to home/ family in Minnesota & Hughes anywhere to reunite with his 2 bros. Chips are not falling the Canucks way early, on many fronts.
  21. Benning has hung in there forever with this guy, desperate to have his first round draft pick finally mature & round into shape. Neither of those options seems likely to happen tho’, sigh.
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