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  1. I saw Vegas being allowed to use their size, to chip, cross/check, hold, high-stick & slew foot to their advantage on the run-up to that goal. Ugh!
  2. Interference going on everywhere up & down the ice! House rules & whistles are poison now, apparently.
  3. Is this 2011? Brad Marchand was that you? Is history trying to repeat itself? Lee has just cemented himself in that infamous “no-integrity pool” of officials along with O’Rourke, O’Halloran, Sutherland & the very pompous glad-he’s-retired-already Devorski. Does the rule book even matter to these guys? Lee, should have been stripped of his responsibilities forth with & replaced with an alternate ref in the rink, by a supervisor who SHOULD be in attendance at this game….if there was NO call. The delay also shows incompetence. He wanted to send BOTH. Wa
  4. I think for the 2nd riot, Vancity was caught a little unprepared, because the 2010 Olympics just months earlier had gone so well. They readily welcomed so many people back into the city, to watch the Final home games unfold upon large public outdoor screens, like they had during the Olympics. I do not know if you recall, but ANTIFA-protester-types tried to disrupt the VanCity Olympics early on, too. Yet, they were resoundingly shouted down, shamed & outted via cellphone video - as fraudulent fans, re-robing into discarded, hidden or toted ‘Canada jerseys’ & ‘Olympic gear’ i
  5. Hedman was Ohlund’s & then Salo’s Paduwan. Canucks Nation can take some pride in that. He has his name on the SCup and was named Playoff MVP too, right? He’s good for his legacy & career accolades, now.
  6. TBL: being from Florida, your SCup cupboard is now full. For this round, I’m all in with the “we-don’t-get-any-respect-since-the-80’s” Islanders. Have always liked Eberle ever since his World Juniors’ heroics & Barry Trotz is like the anti-Torts. (Did you know ‘torts’ means an unlawful act or infringement of rights) LOL ^Gotta root for these guys! Let’s help ‘em out! Mental energies unite!
  7. Don’t want to be nic-named “Arses” in away rinks. A-VI-A-TORS!!! Is a great cheer! We need your support, Vintage! Please get on board!
  8. Home town discounts. Players do it to be on a winning team. Some just do it. (Edler) Stecher was also in this category. Some are distracted by their hometowns, so it’s no bargain. (Virtanen) Assest management is about leveraging everybody’s wants, needs & desires. But you have to build a foundation to have a winner, and that takes longer term relationships, both on & off the ice. Sometimes you might be able to bring guys back into the fold or reconnect them to others, but randomly piling player assets in a blender each season, or coaches for that matter, ( EDM
  9. Gotta go with “Aviators” inexplicably ranking 3rd in polling here, over the “Aces” & “Comets” which is a name that may be retained in & by Utica. I base my rejection of Aces, upon hearing the following comment alone…. “Some away teams & hecklers may have a field-day calling the “Aces“, “arses” in spoof.” Aviators, the Abbotsford A’s in short. Chanting “Av-I-a-tors” loudly & proudly works for me! As does “Lets Go A’s” or adopting any soccer-style chant & using aviator-slang like “May-day” as a moniker for a player who’s last name starts with the
  10. We have the technology On a injurious play, where the man was bleeding profusely, just get the call right. if it was the stick hitting him, his own stick or the puck? Tihe video replay can help the officials make the right determination added to their vision or non-vision of things in real time, If the rules do not currently reflect this, they should. Get some more progressive & decent individuals running the League like a new Chairman of the BOG & League Commissioner and they might. As it stands, the room for more misinterpretations & ex
  11. Vegas is a regular geographical & divisional rival. Hate to see a team so early on in its formation win a SCup - like Colorado did in their inaugural season. MTL has Burrows, he’s our man! He was doggedly & wrongly vilified by the NHLOA & establishment media horde when he was simply a quality player attempting to morph into something special & new upon an elite-line with the Sedins. But, they all denied him that through some crooked referees who chose to exercise a lot of carry over justice due to some injured union guy’s pride. (Auger-fiasco) T
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