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  1. Hoping for an op at striking a knuckle-seeing-eye puck past Marky. Mental energies make it so!
  2. Just realized that I’ve been wearin’ a home jersey. Corrected that - have now donned the Orca-white! Go Canucks Go!!
  3. I miss it when Marky would slide well past his post & just wiff backward at the puck going in an open with his flailing goal stick. Keep ‘em coming...
  4. Mamma always said if ya can’t say something nice,...don’t say anything at all. I’ll likely be mute for awhile.
  5. Now’s the time ‘Nucks!!! (I miss sayin’ - Miller time!) Burn Marky! Burn ‘im good!
  6. So rootin’ against Marky! It’s been easy-peasy since pick drop. I’m chanting burn him! Make it painful for him to be wearing that jersey. Rivalry: it is what it is.
  7. ‘Nucks lookin’ a little shakey to start. Were Leivo & Tanev upon the ice to start? Attempted-psych!
  8. Just hoping’ that this doesn’t become a full-on cheap-shots-r-us event, just because these Flamers wanna introduce their ‘mates to the newest version of a very old rivalry. But, if it does - bring on the ‘sandpaper’, but pray these zebras have the competence & the jam to do their jobs. Who’s refereeing tonite, anyway? Don’t say...Sutherland.
  9. Too soon after a condensed boot camp, too many are still in pre-pre-season form, perhaps? Pray that they manage these back to back, or 3 in 4 night tilts, much better in the days & weeks ahead.
  10. What?! Nurse went down like a pre-schooler wearing over-sized booties in mud.
  11. Marky: I’m sorry to say it, but I’m glad ya lost out to the Jets. I gave out an almost involuntary cheer while watchin’ that OT goal go in. So weird, but it is what it is.
  12. Thank goodness that Gaudette got McEverything off of the ice for awhile.