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  1. sounds like you two fellows got back together....that's great...good luck to you both.

  2. Hello there how's it going How u doin you got a nice pic on your profile.:)

  3. Any idea about Further's status???!!!!!

  4. I'm jumping up and down in Bieksa's Jersey...getting hot...hope i pass out from heat exhaustion by the 3rd! EP is drunk...hahaha

  5. Well stated. Eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. ~SugarMagnolia
  6. Pinhead and D-Money...thank you for your kind responses to my questions about "the man with the silver platter." I appreciate all the time you took to explain this to me... i feel much better being reminded that the bible is story and to be evaluated with the fable in mind. It's not so literally bad for me anymore. Mahalo nui loa, SugarMagnolia

  7. Sweetheart your link in the signature is broken, quite possible you will need to try and post it again, more than likely in the bb code for media files. I can show you how to do that if you like. Love you honey.

  8. It got lost in the God Thread shuffle:

    Just in case you didn't see it. Thanks.

  9. Awesome game last night! Leafs were gifted! ...with 3 points in the first period that is...hahaha! I think the mighty Canucks were just giving them a little incentive. I mean, really now, on "hockey day" don't you think they'd be a little generous just to make it fun?!

  10. welcome s.m. it sounds like e.p. would gladly get lost in cyberspace with you.....i hope you guys have a great time together....cheers

  11. You are more than adorable! Dang! I'm so lucky there is spell check everywhere...and then there is you.... i'm the bestest luckiestest woman ever....

  12. Bet you could dance a cajun rhythm, jump like a Willys in four wheel drive AND be my summer love in the spring fall and winter :);)

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