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Status Updates posted by D13G0 DA SNIPUR

  1. I see you have the monkeys bug. You're welcome.

  2. I'm going down to metrotown this week...wanna come with me tehe

  3. In bed also? Lolque!

  4. Is "grrr" the only thing you say? Sad, SAD.

  5. You sexy black white mix gurl TEHE

  6. Why so many exclamation marks? CALM DOWN

  7. Don't hate guuuuurl. You ain't all that and a bag of potato chipssss.

    NUH UH!

  8. I added you! You don't want to be my friend? :(

  9. You're hawt. Let's go out :)

  10. He's too busy having sex with his Quatchi he just bought. So I'm guessing your available now.

  11. "Legendary hasn't added any friends yet."

    lolz what a loner.

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