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  1. I see you have the monkeys bug. You're welcome.

  2. This is it boys and girls, the last 7 games of an 82 game schedule. "The playoff stretch", "now or never", "give it your all". Thankfully, the Nuckies have been handed a very well balanced last splash of games. Well balanced? Read on fellow blog readers. If a team who's heading into the playoffs has a lineup of playoff-less teams in the last stretch of games, it can do some major damage to a teams mentality. Let's use Edmonton for an example. The Oilers are way out of the playoff race, dead last in the league. The Canucks won the season series 4-2, outscoring them 19-11. Not to mention a
  3. The Austrian born forward, a top prospect for Vancouver, is finally getting some fluent ice-time; but people seem to be getting frustrated and impatient with him, which bothers me. Playing alongside Kesler, Grabner has been getting dozens of scoring chances, but the red light isn't lighting for him. Although his finishing skills are lacking, I'm really excited about the number 40. Still a young prospect and tons of time to learn and sharpen his play, finishing will catchup to his speed and raw talent. Since he's started playing early this year, every game, he's been standing out for me. He
  4. Very unlikely for the Flames to make it lol.
  5. I'm going to go all out and predict the final season standings, along with playoff match-ups, the winners and the losers of said playoff match-ups, and my predicted Stanley Cup winner and runner-up. My predictions are based on current streaks and plays, team injuries (key players being out), playoff history and my overall opinion. Final season standings: Eastern Conference 1) Washington Capitals*(P) 2) Pittsburgh Penguins* 3) Buffalo Sabres* 4) New Jersey Devils 5) Ottawa Senators 6) Philadelphia Flyers 7) Montreal Canadiens 8) Boston Bruins ------------------------- 9) New Y
  6. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see Luongo is struggling with his game. You can just tell by the way he moves and his body movement that his confidence is just not there. What do you do about that? Sit him. Am I crazy? Umm, maybe...maybe not. There are 8 games left in the season. Playoffs looming in the horizon for the team. What's more important? What seed you get? Or having a rested, ready to go Olympian goalie? I choose the 2nd option, but that doesn't mean you can't have both. Raycroft has only started 10 games this season in which he played the full 60 minutes, mostly be
  7. I'm going down to metrotown this week...wanna come with me tehe

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  9. Is "grrr" the only thing you say? Sad, SAD.

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