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  1. 8 SO's in his 1st season as the Canucks #1 Goalie...the Ketchup family is thrilled for their little boy Frank
  2. Being a #1 is the top goal for Frank Ketchup! Thanks!
  3. It's pretty clear that Frank Ketchup is going to be a career backup goalie, and he's comfortable with that...but he does wonder what it would feel like to lift the Cup? Any contenders need a mediocre backup goalie?
  4. How did Frank Ketchup's home country of Nigeria fare? I'm surprised they didn't at least get a medal
  5. This version will obliterate your bad day, and replace it with spectacular stupendousness
  6. DAFT PUNK HAS RETIRED This is the best song off their best album. I'm gonna miss this band
  7. You work in psychology, and you think it's possible/feasible to restrict and ban superstition in professional sports? Keep trying to empty the ocean with a bucket! Good luck with that dude, you're gonna need it.
  8. 1 contract could ruin a team's potential, but the whole roster? Unlikely. Hall has proven he can produce on different teams, Eichel has also shown he's more valuable than his production thisnyear would suggest. Buffalo's problems are not their contracts.
  9. It's quite clear Bratt does have poor character & entitlement issues. But he's paid to play hockey, not be a role model! Kid's got more talent in his pinky than Paris Hilton's whole body, yet both get the same amount of ice/screen time. Travesty of Justice
  10. 14 mins per game? Those are Barney "Forest" Hudson minutes, with 3X the point production! Probably a scam, part of some complex point shaving scheme from Vegas
  11. Sometimes it's hard to please a generational talent. This is not the case with Mr. Bratt, just something worth mentioning
  12. Frank Ketchup is looking to set an NHL record for most 1 yr contract extensions