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  1. How could the SK be me? I claimed Vig, if I'm the SK, well then I wonder what the real Vig would do to me...
  2. Gives us some thoughts on the game. Who's your Maf, who's your SK?
  3. Z & SS have been unusually quiet
  4. No, we know DM was TP, and I'm TP. BJ is also pretty much lock TP
  5. Oh my gawd, what if I am? Oh yeah, then the real Vig would VK me silly goose
  6. @luckylager you better be in the DPS when I get there, SK prolly gonna take me out tonight.
  7. MmTell me BK, if you're town...how did it feel when GC had you as a Top Scum pick, and then did a 180 with no explanation at all? That didn't strike you as odd?