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  1. He microchipped me years ago, after passing out from drinking corn mash liquor out of a rusty bucket... You basterdz are next
  2. I just smoked one, and had an epiphany...this group isn't anonymous at all! Our names are right there, in black & white, and often with a picture... There's no anonymity...we are exposed
  3. Not to mention, are children meant to be a punishment for being irresponsible? I will say tho, if a person uses abortion as a form of birth control, that is despicable. If a person has say, 3 in a year, maybe they should have their tubes tied.
  5. Do you know how long it would take an organism that could actually survive the vacuum of space to reach a planet that has food on it? Long enough to starve to death. Those tardigrades were in space for like 10 days. Plus you need to have an absolute sniper of a shot to hit a moving target from another moving target across 390 Million kms...the distance from Earth to Mars. And that's a gimme shot compared to the other planets in the Solar System, let alone other star systems. This is supposed to be a science thread. Panspermia is science fiction. It's a completely unnecessary theory that makes the explanation for the origins of life even more complicated, and for no reason other than "aliens!" It's like saying pizza from Domino's is actually from Outer Space, even tho all the ingredients and equipment necessary to make the pizza is already at Domino's
  6. Well, I am an Albertan, actually yeah you def see them around a lot more than just the Stampede. They're quite common in rural towns, ranches, even smaller cities like Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Drayton Valley, etc. Hell, Mennonite's wear them all the time. Do you see them walking around downtown Calgary, Edmonton? No. But live in Alberta for a year, visit some smaller communities, and yeah you'll definitely see cowboy hats. You see them around SK as well, tho not as often. Cowboy hats are certainly a huge part of Prairie culture, and giving them in the same spirit to the IIHF teams is very fitting with AB
  7. You don't find a Stetson hat easily identifiable with Alberta?
  8. What??? The greatest song of all time??????? Not quite, but is' pretty damn good
  9. You better cut that out, Devil!
  10. Did you know that a Tardigrade can survive in Outer Space, but if you eat one it will die?
  11. Did you know over 99% of all life ever born on Earth is extinct?
  12. This post is a lil sus, but I'm happy your not on my wagon
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