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  1. My my my. How the mighty have fallen. Two weeks ago everyone was all Fire Benning for not paying him umtpeen million on a lifetime contract. Today he's overpaid Jared McCann. Take a breath. Cheer the kid on. He could use the support while he finds his feet again he missed half of last season and training camp.
  2. I'm not worried. It's a few games. Settle down put pitch forks away. They are better than this. It just takes 1 game against a playoff team to turn it around.
  3. I don't think Greener will put Pod in a position for a while yet where he has to play hard matchups. I think our healthy lineup will look like Miller Pete Boeser Pearson Horvat Garland Hog Dicky Motte Chaisson Lammi Pod I think Highmore is the odd man out as he's more of what we have in Motte Hog Garland........ Lite. Chia Lammi Pod makes the most sense to me as a heavy utility line that can take advantage of matchups or be put in the blender.
  4. He had some brutal giveaways and often when he got the puck stood still or just rifeled it off the glass. He looked lost but its 1 game hopefully he finds his footing but he looks like a player with zero confidence.
  5. Garland might become my favorite Canuck if he keeps playing like this.
  6. pipe is officially looking grim with the losses of Gadjo, Juolevi and Lind. No pressure Podkolzin, Woo, Danila,
  7. Look at it like this if he is worth that then...... Well great...... For now we have him for less so thats pretty good....No?
  8. I could see JB taking a flyer on Dries after losing Gadjovich.
  9. I have tried to keep a level head. I have tried to understand. I have been all aboard on this offseason. I am furious! I'll get over it but I am furious! The goals Jonah scores are greasy. The kind that might allow green to use Brocks shot on the PP instead of him picking up the trash. Jonah scores the kind of goals you score in the playoffs. We don't have a guy who plays in the paint like Gads anywhere in the system. I say boourns!
  10. This is pretty rough. I know they thought they could sneak him through but dayyyyyyum we don't have anyone like Gad in the system he could have been huge for us in the playoffs but I guess Highmore, Guiseppe, Zack bring more of what green wants in his bottom 6. I understand but it sucks.
  11. He will clear! Bit of a gamble here by JB but if he sneaks Jonah through we are in much better shape depth wise with Motte Sutter out. I wonder if this means Lockwood makes the team. I would be ecstatic for him.
  12. Petan on the 1st? really PETAN? This is your solution to Pearson on the 2nd?
  13. Ya they really should have gotten him a lil pay day or 2. He played his arse off.
  14. if Kole Lind becomes available on the waiver wire do we pick him up?
  15. I really like Woo and remain hopeful he will be an NHL player. But hes on the long road with G Breezy
  16. I'm not a big 3C Miller guy. I like him with Pete. That being said I really like the thought of Gadjo Miller Podkolzin. I think he would be a great mentor for those 2. If Hoglanders abilities 5v5 continue to flourish especially deep and along the wall I think Green should look at trying Miller between those 2 and trying Hog w Pete.
  17. Im curious if they make a large donation to Canucks for kids or.....
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