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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if they both signed for $8 million/year considering the events + team we have to remain competitive.
  2. So close to the WCF, such a hard loss but plenty of positives to look forward to in retrospect given our playoff absence the past 5 years. Demko's solid, Bo's looking amazing with his 1st year as captain...too many good things to list.
  3. Honestly from what I've seen VGK's can be beaten, they're no more streaky than we are. Really sucks cause if we could win this series I see an easy route to the SCF.
  4. Damn, to think that Luongo - Markstrom trade would be paying off this time now is crazy. Interested how Nucks vs Knights series plays out, imagine it is a lot closer than everyone thinks.
  5. Pretty disappointed in Boeser/Virtanen, absolutely useless these past 2 games. Hope they can prove me wrong with the next few games.
  6. I really don't care about the rest of the playoffs, just want to see one more goal tonight on Stalock. Dude pisses me off.
  7. If Tryamkin could transfer that energy over here, dude would be a Raffi Torres but as a defenseman.
  8. Sutter's not great for his cap hit, but if we have to choose between either Loui gets the pressbox.
  9. If we fail to make the playoffs Benning's not getting canned. More likely that Green is fired from failing to adjust to a team without Markstrom.
  10. Bigger issue is trying to make a pass through several Sens when: 1) You are Roussel 2) Revert to answer 1).
  11. Just win. Oh, and maybe run Grz too. I hear $5k covers a lot of what we could do.
  12. Just sit Eriksson for MacE, easily improves the Canucks 100x fold.
  13. There's no clearer message sent when Hanson is a ref tonight after appearing in the Boston game.
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