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  1. I’m a huge Bo fan but I’m not sure what he means when he says “we need to mature as a group” ... It’s not “maturing” it’s getting back to having fun and playing with confidence. Coincidentally those often go hand in hand. This team seems down and yes, losing doesn’t help but they’re making way too many mistakes. Calm down, reset, get back to basics and have fun while doing it. If Green’s eeyore tone is any indication of his temperament in the room then it’s no wonder the team as a whole is off...
  2. Okay boys, put going for the win aside. Back to basics - tape to tape passes, clean breakouts and at least look like you are trying to win your shift. That’s it. Not to much to ask, is it?
  3. This has not been a good start for GMJB. 2 L’s to to Marky/Tanev, now Toffoli is on the board against the Canucks.