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  1. Dowling has played well, very steady, haven't seen mistakes. People moaning about losing big Mac, but in MacEwen's last pre-season game he couldn't connect on any passes. I think Chiasson may come out of the lineup before Dowling does. Canucks depth looks good right now.
  2. everybody be looking for the Kyle Burroughs thread soon. who's #44, yeah, RHD, local bc player, fan of Bertuzzi https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/87758/kyle-burroughs
  3. Thought #15 Highmore played a great game tonight. Seen him get to the puck ahead of the dman in the offensive zone on at least 3 occassion and make a play with it. A lot of hustle and defensive smarts. I'm liking what he brings to the team.
  4. Seen some criticism of Garland and am shaking my head. He is such a unique talent, great skater, tough with a high hockey IQ.
  5. Another really entertaining game tonight. Stoked about how good the team looks already knowing they can and will play even better.
  6. I agree, pick up Cholowski and give him a look. Canucks need more size and depth at LD in the organization. I'm interested to see the Rathbone Buroughs pairing tonight, but I do think they need a defensive left dman on the third pairing for the pk. If they don't get Cholowski, who's the next defensive LD they should go after? Maybe they should bring up Sautner?
  7. roster looks solid, i'm optimistic about the season ahead
  8. Better than losing Juolevi in waivers for nothing (optics, salary). Juolevi had good hockey iq, but didn't strike me as a player with much grit to his game, notwithstanding his hit last year on Tkachuk. I get finding a #2, #4 and #6 rd is tough in the league these days, but you would think finding a #5 ld wouldn't be such a challenge. I've always thought Ashton Sautner played a good steady ld. The team needs two legit pkers on the 4th line and a #5 and #6 d pair that can kill penalties. If this is all the team needs, then the squad is looking pretty solid right now.
  9. The Juolevi dream that he could become a great player for the Canucks is over. Same with Virtanen, same with Gaudette, same with Lind and Gadjovich. I think what we saw from #48 is what he is and Canucks need something more out of that left d spot in the here and now and this year they don't want to be patient with a player, they want a fully functioning team. Change can do a player good. A different coach and a different system can help a player along. Could happen for Juolevi, but could also happen for Lammikko and Juulson. I do like the size component of these players and the potential for some more grit in the Canucks lineup.
  10. I could see it being Hughes. He played great last night in both ends of the rink. Not sure Poolman is the right d partner for him though.
  11. Green still trying to figure it out. I'd like to see these fwd lines tonight : Miller Pettersson Podkolzin let Podz know we think he's going to be a star, play him a ton tonight, see how it goes. Di Guiseppe Dickenson Garland this could end up being the 3rd line, liked how Di Guiseppe/Dickenson/MacEwen brought a lot of hitting and energy 5 vs 5 last game, maybe Garland gets Dickenson an assist tonight. Bailey Petan MacEwen who makes the roster out of these guys tonight? Dries Focht Chiasson last chance, don't get scored on, Chiasson, still hungry, does this roster really need him?
  12. I agree, the Rathbone - Bowey pairing is worth having another look at and Schenn hasn't played all that well in preseason.
  13. Sucks to loose a prospect like Gadjovich. Has toughness and a scoring touch. It's like coaching and management were trying to do him a favour by waiving him when they did.
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