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  1. I like this signing. Abrasive with a high compete level. Likely has a scoring touch too. Had 106 pts in 58 games for the Wheat Kings in 2015-16. That with 101 PIM, +59 2015-16 Brandon Wheat Kings WHL 58 47 59 106 101 59 21 7 22 29 39
  2. Benning is the most exciting GM this team has ever had by miles. He's just so ballsy and takes huge risks. Some work out, some don't and yet here we are with a pretty damn good hockey team. For this season he decided last year's D just wasn't good enough. Status quo GM brings back Tanev/Stetcher. Not GMJB, he adds Schmidt instead who could be the JT MIller of the d corp of this hockey team.
  3. Canucks should run with the content they have and look to develop another two or three top assets out of there young players.
  4. I'm in, trade for OEL and sign Markstrom. Toffoli and Tanev can walk if need be.
  5. said it before, imo virtanen > _________
  6. What if the Arbitration takes into account the new economic realities of the league and there are new contracts signed as comparables in the current climate in advance of his hearing?
  7. The Oilers or Flames, a lot ot teams really, would have greatly improved rosters if they added both OEL and Markstrom. That has to be on Benning's mind right now working out this trade and signing.
  8. Virtanen should be or should have been coached to be a PKer
  9. I'd like to find a way to get Joel Eriksson Ek out of Minny to be the Canucks 3c
  10. Hi Vanuckles. Yeah I watched a bunch of that game, was boring AF. hmmmm. can't we just build a winner the Canucks way and eventually the game turns in our favour like it almost did in 2011?
  11. Watched about 15 minutes of this game, found it boring AF meathead hockey. Friedman has 12 replies to his tweet on Khodobin's shutout, nobody cares. NHL has to change, call the game the way it should be called, playoffs or not. Marchand punching D. Sedin in the face is a * * penalty. Reaves clucking like a chicken is an unsportsmanlike penalty. I don't want to watch clutch and grab, I don't want to watch bully tactics and cheap shot hits and wacks to the hands. I want to watch fast skilled hockey, the kind of game the Canucks play, when they have proper rest and preperation. * the war of attrition, I want to watch skilled and fast hockey.