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  1. Gudbranson too. Flames tried to build a skilled hockey team for what, all of 6 months? They are full on back to being the goon squad Flames we know and dislike. Canucks can grab a lead on the power play and then the speed and tenacity of the Canucks bottom 6 will drive them crazy.
  2. When the Canucks need a goal I think we'll see Hughes line up at RHD. OEL Hughes
  3. nah, Halak is a great signing and will play. I think management wanted to improve the backup position and this was more than just about saving cap. Holtby started the year off rough, but did play a lot better the second half of the season.
  4. Canucks best new advantage - ABBOTSFORD ! The Johnny Canucks are collecting solid depth players in all positions.
  5. This is a good hockey team! Canucks as currently constructed have proven players throughout the line-up, but what excites me is that there are still players on our squad that have real upside potential. People saying the defence isn't good enough are discounting the upside players like QH has. Schmidt was miscast on the Canucks and dissapointing. He's gone and OEL will be a significant improvement on Schmidt. Players like Hamonic, Poolman and Schenn will be solid role players as defenders.
  6. I'm ok with the Poolman signing. RHD are in demand and teams have to pay to get them.
  7. Schmidt kind of feels like the Keith Ballard piece on a contending team right now.
  8. haven't seen the return yet, but likely not. I agree Canucks are in a win now mode and i like it.
  9. Never a dull moment with JB. Exciting times on cdc! The retool is nearing completion and the future is now. Canucks should be one of the top two teams in the Pacific Division for the coming season.
  10. Agreed. Myers bleeds blue and green. Look who's winning in the playoffs right now... teams with big defensive players on d. Myers isn't going anywhere.
  11. You do need great players at good value contracts. Overpay, sign the wrong players and your on the outside wishing for cap space to sign better players so you can have a better team and a shot at the cup. Especially in a flat cap offseason, you need cap space money at the right time to buy low on good players. So yeah, there's a premium on cap space. It's not because Montreal has a better young core than the Canucks that they are in the finals. Their pro-scouting has been better. Their ufa signings have been better. Montreal has had better timing with their rebuild on the fly
  12. Last season and probably for the next two seasons at least, Tanev > Schmidt. Tanev is currently a 1RD. This is another pro-scouting mistake by Canucks management. They misread the room again. Cap space is money! Many thought a third round pick was a good deal to pick up Schmidt. I wouldn't have made the move, many on CDS wouldn't have made the move, but we aren't pro-scouts employed by the team. Now I'm wondering if giving up another 3rd round pick would be enough to give up to trade his contract. Like selling a stock that has cost you money. Sure it may have some ups
  13. it seems like a tough pick for JB and the Canucks. gut feel, not based on a lot, just looking around like a cdc_er, if I'm JB, i take a skilled bpa fwd at 9. Fabian Lysell Mason McTavish
  14. JB is going to retool all over again, this time with a young core.
  15. How about Oleksiak as a UFA signing? An Oleksiak Schmidt pairing seems like it would be a good tough to play against pairing.
  16. I think there is. Hughes is em·blem·at·ic of the kind of fan tas tic type of hockey the Canucks can and do play and are going to play moving forward. He's ours and I don't want to trade him. em·blem·at·ic
  17. * Tryamkin ! I dreamed about the big guy being some sort of roster genius move for us too, but * him, doesn't want to be part of the greatest hockey franchise on the planet, he's had enough attention from us, moving on to never saying his name again on this forum.
  18. If there are ufa deals like last offseason because of a flat cap, it would make sense to be "aggressive", but Benning has to be willing to come in second and third place on these bids. They would have to be deals better than the Pearson contract. Seattle is going to have money to burn and each team will loose some roster money and that will likely be enough to bring up the cost on UFA's this offseason.
  19. No more plush taxi squad gig, we can go watch little things do his thing in Abby.
  20. yeah, but Benning may spend it this offseason. I think he should stop spending cap on expensive depth and save up for a player like Seth Jones or Parayko.
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