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    Sudan, then Egypt, now Australia
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    Hockey, movies, and making the hits in the studio!

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  1. your still inconsistent haha b

    itch :)

  2. yo i have a higher rep then you and i was -201 1 month ago muwhawhah!

  3. at least i did get any added warning :S

  4. Lol, you just got StealthNucked.

  5. it took me 1 month to get to 0 rep from -201 rep! :D

    1. Froggy Fresh

      Froggy Fresh

      you want a trophy now?

    2. Shift-4


      I bet it would have only taken a week to get to -402

    3. Shift-4


      I bet it would have only taken a week to get to -402

  6. how the hell do you know that stop talking like you know everything
  7. nope my armour is half my weight any ways =/
  8. haah

    Last Active:

    Today, 05:16 AM

  9. is the bound sword just a mirror of the actual sword you wield? or does it have its own stats?
  10. not sure about skyrim dragon's but don't dragons in general have high magic resistance... so magic would be weak versus dragons in skyrim right?
  11. not if ur blocking has elemental protection yeah dual wielding is fun but not too realistic
  12. lol im lvl 19 atm haven't tried to fight a giant in a while the time i did, i hid under a bridge and used magic and arrows on it =/
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