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  1. Classic CDC, freaking out when somebody posts a fresh, well thought out take that goes against what they want to hear.
  2. Waive Wyatt Newpower Madison Thompson
  3. Avalanche waive Zachary Sonora Tomas Vomacka
  4. First Name: Pakiam Brandon Last Name: Ali II Date of Birth: (07/23) Place of Birth: Singapore Nationality: Singaporean Second Nationality (Optional): American Primary Position: LW Seconary Position(s) (Optional): RW Height (cm): 181 Weight (kg): 88 Handedness: Left Jersey Number: 64 Junior Preference: College Starting Team*: Rocky Mountain RoughRiders (or some other Colorado based team) Player Type: Grinder Role: Offensive Role: 18 Defensive Role: 10 Total Role Points: 0 Staff Attributes: Adaptability: 9 Ambition: 13 Determination:
  5. Avalanche release Tyler Parsons Chad McInnis Cam Morrison Avalanche recall Patrik Muharemovic Matt Bentley Liam Murphy
  6. Colorado calls up wes elser
  7. Congratulations to Borre Odegaard for being a 19 year old selke winner
  8. Avs release #51 Maxim Williams #14 Jonathan MacLean #1 Tomas Vomacka Avs send down #41 Isidro Aguanno Avs call up #39 Rafael Brown
  9. Avs release #46 Jordan Cornelius #50 Thierry Gygax Silvian von Bergan Stefan Duff
  10. Avs call up Ryan Donaldson Send down Wes Elser
  11. avalanche send down #39 rafael brown avalanche recall #1 tomas vomacka
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