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  1. Ugh! Your namesake would be hugely disappointed in that thought!! Good to see you here again
  2. That’s great to hear, I missed both games... what stood out for you about his first games?
  3. Nobody liked Scotty Bowman... you had to bring it every night with him. But yet for the right players, they performed.
  4. Sandlak is an interesting comparison. Like Jake everyone kept waiting and hoped he would turn out to be a consistent player, eventually it never worked out. I’m afraid the same situation for Jake is ahead. Missed the first two games but it sounds like the same old jake is back at it. And it also sounds like Hoglander is better at puck battles already as a rookie, how can that be? Drive and determination is how!
  5. Welcome back and hopefully the worst is over for you
  6. Late to the topic and I’m shocked I’m the only vote for Potvin!! I assume it’s my age showing here...
  7. Hey Rob, that is your username correct? Or are you actually Rob Zepp the hockey player? Aug 8...?

    1. Rob_Zepp


      I played hockey professionally, yes.   The exact nature of where/how is something I let others decide as I am aware of how some people take things too far in this age of cyber issues.    Let's just say the user name has meaning and leave it at that.    Cheers!

    2. Westcoasting


      copy that and understand completely! I had to ask as I go up to a fishing lodge guiding for a couple weeks each summer. I just got emailed a Ex. Nhl players trip and Rob Zepp was on it :)

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      darryl reigh...(spelling)  was the funniest goalie in my books. he said that andy moog was the michael jackson of hockey...they both wear a glove on one hand, for no apparent reason. 

  8. Yeah i think he felt pretty stupid watching those goals pour in lol.
  9. It certainly is rolling the dice and see what happens kind of scenario. JB was sure quick to sign someone the next day!
  10. They should have put the pads on Tim Schaller and seen what he can do in there!
  11. Reminds me of "Get Smart" ... sorry about that Chief! lol
  12. I see that, thanks for the correction. I was under the impression he only played a part season in the A. The year before though he did play 4 games for the Devils and 1 was a playoff game. What a talent he was!
  13. No expectations at all, i just used Brodeur as someone used as an emergency. Tsn had a thing on Marty when he retired and the former players were talking about him getting the callup and no one thought he was anything special, just another goalie at the time. It was the next year he played a bit in the A and then came in and won the calder. I'm not looking at Dipietro in any of the above comparison but at the end of the day it is just one game, if he plays another game... no big deal either.
  14. Pretty sure it didn't bother Brodeur at the time, it's hockey and it was an emergency call up just like Mikey.
  15. If the Canucks had come out on fire and shelled the Sharks team and won 5-1 everybody would be on the bandwagon about how good Dipietro is... bottom line its a team game and they lost, everybody blaming Benning and feeling sorry for Mike lmao. It's one game for a 19 year old, he will be back eventually. The players themselves are the ones who should be blamed.
  16. Take him out to get loaded at the Roxy and hook up with some hot chick... lol then we all read about from someone who was there!
  17. What kind of plane is that in your profile picture? Goose?

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Where do you think the US Navy got the idea from? ;)

    3. gurn


      Much as I like the Mars, the Emily was right there in terms of best flying boat of the war.

    4. chon derry

      chon derry

      @Westcoasting my parents lived in comox . I would always go down to the Courtney airpark , some interesting old birds there. theres one in particular something very similar to this , and I do beleave its for sale , kind of a fixer upper . 'teal thurston' s-l1000.jpg

  18. That is exactly what i was trying to say, sorry it didn't come out correct I think that poster was meaning that to go back to the size of the pads like the pictures i showed, that's all. Roy was definitely one of the leaders to larger equipment as by the late 90's he was huge. I was looking at a pic of Brodeur and compared to Liut he was huge as well! A lot of people forget the game changed dramatically too as far as defence is concerned. Not just the "trap" but the clutching and grabbing, interference spread like wild fire as well. Coaching defence became the thing to do as well as teams like Detroit perfected it under Scotty Bowman where as he did nothing like that in Pittsburgh previously. Now all forwards were back checking, blocking shots etc that no one did before. Here is a pic of Roy when he started!
  19. Not sure but i believe he is solely referring the the size of pads during the 80's and how dramatically they increased. Despite new rules they are still huge in comparison.
  20. I'm not sure about that, his ears stick out a little too much. His ceiling isn't as high now with big ears!
  21. So is it safe to say that GB has been one of Utica's best dman so far? Or are all the Juolevi fan club captains gonna raising hell soon... lol