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  1. Watched the game like 3 times now. Still have goosebumps. Will they come back after a years rest ?

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    2. VanGnome


      Sedin is not Swedish for Favre.

      They went out at the top of their decline, they could have easily played another 2-3 seasons without question, but decided for them it was time to leave the game.

      Remember the game when they were able to play at a high level and still put up significant points, that's how I'd want to remember my last years playing pro.

      I got caught up with moving furniture (now living in the land of the Flamers), so I only caught the third period and the OT, and by the sounds of it, I missed a helluva two periods.

    3. coastal.view



      hey this way to get a send off is great

      they are performing at their former elite level suddenly

      i know that is not sustainable


      but does cause me to wonder why we saw so little of this level of performance this season

      only a couple of glimpses

      but now they seem to be able to perform at this level in their send off games

      just makes me wonder is all


    4. Rounoush


      Same. I've watched it 2 more times and was still in tears each time.

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