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  1. Anyone eating a hamburger not From Germany should have it slapped out of their mouth ! The Audacity !!!!

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I think "PC" stuff is like that as well, there's lots of shades of it. Some people agree with some not all of BLM, some people want to see police reform but not the idiotic "defund" thing. This isn't new at all, if you look back to the gay rights stuff from 30 years ago its all the same arguments from the most conservative folks. 

    3. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      @Jimmy McGill It’s not right that religion tells you what and what not to do so it’s not ok that PC/SJW does the same. We’re supposed to be progressing forward as a species not saying just because it happened before means others can do the exact same thing to get even. The cycle needs to stop

    4. Phil_314


      @ken kaniff my perspective is that the current SJW approach is different from how you're describing it.  In what I see it's that they view themselves as guilt-ridden authority figures.  Take the Manitoba scholar speaking against the Orca's use, he's a Caucasian male, so if you put the dots together it's almost a "sorry, we know that our people have exploited you this way, so we'll be the first to stand up and raise the banner on your behalf" (hence the authority figure).  

      Problem is the banner isn't his to raise (even if he's a scholar), and he's honestly not even the first individual from the so-called dominant race of our society, posturing as someone speaking for "the disadvantaged".  I would say that these SJW movements would be a lot more legitimate if they were actually started by people of the race (e.g. as an Asian, if someone took and misapplied Bruce Lee's image, or if someone wore the Chinese Cheongsam without acknowledging the culture then I would take offense to that, only natural).  However, in several cases, reports have only said "the internet has responded" and when it's backed by an authority figure not from that race, its credibility takes a hit in my eyes.

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