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  1. Spicy Clamato sales through the roof in the lower mainland !

  2. lol look at he history of the player. CGY new exactly what they did sending him to carolina and we bought the same story.
  3. How is that people dont realize he was broken before he went to carolina. I hope he can repair himself but his career was done 3 years ago. no way any doctor should have cleared him for play.
  4. well we have defense and actual goal tending Brock Petey Bo yeah we looking ok not great but we are moving along. Get rid of the moron behind the bench and maybe we can get some actual player development.
  5. The wild cannot be taken is lost on matchups this is gonna be tough.
  6. Handling of Virt development has been a joke.
  7. Not bad for a bunch of drunks !

  8. Wow Canada forgot to flush the Turd ?  

    1. -AJ-


      Liberals lost a good number of seats though. Definitely trending down.

  9. That will be a seriously aggressive line to watch. Horvat and Ferland will be a total handful on the same line. Pearson could seriously benefit from some open ice .