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  1. Why do brand spanking new users feel the need to bait longer tenured users with things like "Okay,wannabe mod", "What are you the grammar police?" and the such?!

  2. was thinking that the boards seem different this week. Oh yeah, BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! Three cheers for school starting again!

  3. Just got tickets to the Leafs - Sens game on October 9th. My first NHL game since 2003.

  4. Ain't no fun waitin' 'round to be a millionaire......

  5. By commenting on this status, I am declaring myself a ___________

  6. Damn roommate thought she could fix the smell from a carpet stain with Febreze. Now our entire apartment reeks with Frebreze.

  7. Free Jager shots for everyone to celebrate my new job :D

  8. Possibly hurt my chances with Canuck_83 by not knowing how old she was. I need to call some experts into the war room and sort this out.

  9. I went to Surrey(first time in a year) today to see some friends from high school who are going to SFU and I thought on the Skytrain, hey this place isn't so bad and somehow it became fashionable to bash Surrey. Then I got off at Surrey Central Station and there were several cop cars and they were arresting some guys while searching their car. Still it is a nice place at least around that area anyways.

  10. Happy birthday to me...October is going to be a great concert month (does anyone else refer to the hockey schedule first, before buying tickets?)

  11. if everyone was gay, we'd all be so much happier.

  12. Best rapper of this decade=Eminem!

  13. I went into McDonalds yesterday and said "I'd like some fries". The girl at the counter said "Would you like some fries with that".

  14. Lets see how many people will comment on this...

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