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  1. lol look at he history of the player. CGY new exactly what they did sending him to carolina and we bought the same story.
  2. How is that people dont realize he was broken before he went to carolina. I hope he can repair himself but his career was done 3 years ago. no way any doctor should have cleared him for play.
  3. well we have defense and actual goal tending Brock Petey Bo yeah we looking ok not great but we are moving along. Get rid of the moron behind the bench and maybe we can get some actual player development.
  4. The wild cannot be taken lightly...green is lost on matchups this is gonna be tough.
  5. Handling of Virt development has been a joke.
  6. Not bad for a bunch of drunks !

  7. Wow Canada forgot to flush the Turd ?  

    1. -AJ-


      Liberals lost a good number of seats though. Definitely trending down.

  8. That will be a seriously aggressive line to watch. Horvat and Ferland will be a total handful on the same line. Pearson could seriously benefit from some open ice .
  9. Easier said than done obviously but make better deals for better players. Top priority is stop picking up reclamation projects from other teams. WE seem to grab one or 2 outcasts every year to bolster the roster. I really do think the 3 added big boys will make a difference in this regard making it harder to play against us. Hopefully the team plays a much stronger game all around and it can translate into GOALS.
  10. This fanbase is in mediocrity mode(oiler mode) and accepts the meaningful last 5 minutes of play without question. Nucks are 5 players away from contending for anything. Personally I am sick of the lack of scoring and mostly disgusted in the zero pushback in terms of physical play (standing up for our star players) . Bennings injection of size will help but more skilled players who can actually put the puck in the net is what I want..........man I am sick of wanting this every year..........
  11. Gino having a positive effect off the ice in so many ways for so many people ! Happy for Ferland he is on a better life path......still makes me sick to my stomach knowing he is in the Blue n green though.... I see Jims idea not bad get stronger, get tougher, get bigger. It better translate into GOALS though. 2014-2015 Nucks GF 236 8th overall 2015-2016 Nucks GF 186 31st overall 2016-2017 Nucks GF 178 31st overall 2017-2018 Nucks GF 218 25th overall 2018-2019 Ncks GF 219 25th overall Year after year see the same result lack of
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