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  1. "Do you know what a HOSSA is Frank ? It's a pig that don't fly straight !"

  2. "dont try this at home kids! The Diving Malhotra !!!! i will never get enough of hearing that :)

    1. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      Nice to see that the boys have transformed their excellent diving skills into scoring goals and saving empty netters. :D

    2. Scheiderfanforlife


      The diving Malhotra .. dont let the Boston press get ahold of that headline haha

  3. "He had left me a message Sunday morning ... he just wanted to know whether there was ice to skate at," Heisinger said during a news conference Tuesday. "I spent some time trying to track him down (Monday) and was unable to do so."

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      "He was a guy who wouldn't back down from anyone. He was a guy that was definitely fearless," Jaffray said. "He wasn't one of those tough guys that was just out there to fight.

    2. -DLC-


      Chokes me up...

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      He would have been such a spark for the Jets, maybe some how he still will be ....

  4. "Ichi the Killer" is one of the bloodiest and twisted ever. Would recommend !

    1. Watermelon


      Did you delete my comment?

  5. "These guys are business everyday. They're quietly confident and it's like a business-like approach," he said. "Not that it wasn't in '94, but it was a different feeling. These guys, it's like going to work and it's about doing the best you can." said Canucks trainer Pat O'neil

  6. "This notion that the players have no respect for each other and the players are going around hitting each other in the head on a regular basis and that is what is causing concern just isn't accurate." -- NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      bettman is partly right, but there are players out there, and we've all seen them that have little regard for their fellow players....cooke for one and the oaf from the islanders....there has to be a division between, playing hard and endangering the health and playing careers of hockey players..

      maybe even life time suspensions for repeat offenders....

  7. "We haven't really thought about it, I don't think he's put a lot of thought into the scoring race or anything. If you start thinking about scoring goals, it's usually going to end up in the other net. That's not a priority for him." -- Henrik Sedin on talk of his twin brother Daniel as a Hart Trophy favorite

  8. "We're playing good some games and not giving our best effort others," Bieksa said. "We're not going to sit in our stalls and whine, we're going to keep plugging away."

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles



  9. "We're playing good some games and not giving our best effort others," Bieksa said. "We're not going to sit in our stalls and whine, we're going to keep plugging away."

  10. "When people talk about the twins not being tough I laugh, because these are two of the toughest guys I've ever played with," defenseman Kevin Bieksa said. "With the punishment they take, you rarely see them in the trainer's room. They couldn't be any closer to Canadian."

    1. Shift-4
    2. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      Damn straight. The discipline that Dan Sedin showed when getting punched by Marchand shows how tough they are. Only weaklings snap/spazz when they feel pain. (not saying i liked dan getting hit though). Can't wait until we play those pricks on jan 7th.

    3. nux4lyfe


      The Sedin's aren't tough, HA!..all you have to look @ is that cheap hit by Eager on Daniel and Danny poppin' right back up!..any other player would of laid there screamin' for his momma..

  11. “His mustache is funny. I don’t think he can score goals with a mustache. It gets in the way. He needs to be like that guy (pointing at a freshly baby-faced Ryan Kesler), see his face is smooth like mine,” he said, rubbing his chin. The Oracole has spoken.

    1. Tearloch7


      .. ha ha ha .. take care, man ..

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      :) Hope all is well Tearloch
  12. “Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

    1. -DLC-


      I'm pretty sure I'm tangled in it.

  13. @ 2:25 a Bruins fan extremely graceful in defeat. To bad the his team cannot say the same.

    1. Wheels22


      That guy was more mature than the entire Bruins team, coaching staff, and management

    2. nux4lyfe


      True sportsmanship LOL!

    3. Keslerific


      what wheels said lol

  14. #BringbacktheMINUS!

    1. Pears
    2. Coconuts
    3. Xbox


      I think there was a thread either in WN or Off-Topic that had a ton of signatures on it, and Admin still said no to bringing it back.

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  15. #Free Tiger who is shamu who is Canuckman who is Mr.DirtyDangles, samirjaver, Gooseberries, KoreanHockeyFan, people please, D.Doughty, Google, Me_, tonlin, DeNiro, CANUCK-EXPRESS, StevenStamkos, Pears, meh_wassup, î мцšт вяздк чфµ, J529, WonderTwinPowers, LeanBeef, Alex the Great, blaise, CanuckianOne, kodos, Papayas, Yahoo, samurai, steve french, oldnews, Ride the red Pony, canucklax, _arby_18, sarcastro, sting, Runn...

    1. Zoolander


      Pears? Really? I feel like Dave Franco in 21 Jump Street....

    2. Zoolander


      "You brought us Taco Bell.."

    3. kj29


      Out of curiosity, what did Tiger do to make him so well-known on CDC? Was it one thing he did? I know he was a troll, but was that it?

      I have been a user here on CDC for quite a while but enough to notice Tiger. Not until I started to read more topics and statuses that I soon realized this "Tiger Singh" dude that everybody kept chattering about, so I don't know much about him, even to this day.

      So if anybody could clear that up for me that'd be great! Thanks!

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  16. 1 MORE point for 100 !!! I smell presidents trophy and Art Ross comin our way :)

  17. 101 points people :) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Thats 4 in the last 5 years i might add.....

  18. 1st PLACE in the DIV ! 2ND in the CONF !! tied for 4TH in the league !!! Way to go NUCKS !

    1. -DLC-


      but what'r the haters gonna do now?

    2. Brad Marchand
    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      We will turn that hate into fuel for the destruction of all our oppo0nents. Look how LOU is fighting through it like a CHAMP !

  19. 1st real snowfall here in CGY tonight. Canada is so beautiful in the snow ; D

    1. thejazz97


      Did it all empty out over CGY? I'm very happy with no snow in SK :rolleyes:

    2. Shift-4


      OK MrDD.  You can come brush the snow off my car!!!  :P


    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Can i use a bazooka  ; )

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  20. 2 down 2 more to go lets go Hawks !

  21. 2 more wins to the conference finals everybody ! GO NUCKS GO !

  22. 2010 oly seater is on ! touque is on ! Buzz is def ON! Omg omg omg omg o.O

  23. 2010 oly sweater is on ! tuque is on ! Buzz is def ON! Omg omg omg omg o.O

  24. 2nd Half of GER vs GHA ...wow !

  25. 3 Cheers for the beer thread !!!

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