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Status Updates posted by Mr.DirtyDangles

  1. Dam your boys worked us good , hoping you take out SJS Would be nice to See An original 6 final CHI vs MTL or BOS

  2. Puff , puff , passs..... :)

  3. Lol racists ?you are clearly an ignorant american who has no concept of reality. STFU and crawl back into your hole with Byfuglien.

  4. Dude I agree with you 1000% our game has fallen to an all time low.

  5. If the little bitch had any nuts to smash, man I hate the suckhawks >(

  6. Ugly mullet indeed :) DIE Kane DIE lmao gooo nucks !!!

  7. Alberts is an absolute joke and will never pan out in the NHL

  8. Wow -54 rep alred ? Looks like you've made some life long friends here !

  9. Lol you must be a tranny LMAO !

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