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  1. I have no political affiliation or bias. I just want to understand the direction we are headed and it is scary. Trying to find facts and info from even 5-10 years ago is proving to be difficult. AS you said "the literal history of the world is within the device people print their nonsense on" News articles and recordings of events and happenings are now subject to scrutiny because of the ability to change/modify so much now. What are we supposed to think ? I watched and discussed at length in the past with family and friends the immense power some individuals have
  2. You do know thats the same person right ? and yes his influence is staggering on so many levels.
  3. OMG : D I love how you totally assume what I watch and what i think :D carry on...... sorry i cannot pull open source documents from 2008 on command for you your highness my apologies. I will try to work harder master.
  4. So hard for people to actually think for themselves these days hey ? I bet you think i am a Trump supporter right ?
  5. lol IRs documents then I will try to find them but it is fact he funds these groups that help the rapid demoralization of society. His is a social engineer that profits from the decline. Follow the money man its not hard. Cue the throngs of sheeple who think CNN, and FOX news are legitimate sources..........
  6. 18 billion invested into his Open Society foundations that are shaping the world in his ideal. Insane groups like BLM, MediaMAtters, MoveOn.org for starters
  7. Brought to you by Soros. You honestly think the guy holding the nazi flag is a white supremacist, boots and fatigues look rather new ? Look at him. Look at these cattle. They are useless specs of humanity that will never serve any purpose except for exploitation. Cmon hippy you are better than this. I have seen some of your art. I call it art. You have an eye for things an ability to capture a moment. Yet you have been knuckle dragging all over this thread over some silly stats?semantics. Basically throwing your neighbour under the bus every chance you get. You are g
  8. Flames media just absolutely torched their team during second intermission : D

    1. Alflives


      I just heard John Shannon (650 radio hockey insider) saying the top minute guys on the Flames - not Giordano - are Point hounds, who sacrifice their defensive responsibilities to get points.  He mentioned Monaghan and Gudreau as two young guys who behave like they’re entitled.  

    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      And people wanted gulutzan to take over once upon a time XD

    3. Xbox


      @Brad Marchand @ReggieBush That's a perfect outcome. Praying to the hockey gods.

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  9. For sure there have been many advancements in surgery for these types of injuries. I have a buddy who had his shoulder totally rebuilt and he is definitely better off now and relatively back to the same strength. He swears his grip strength has increased but thinks this is a direct result from the physical therapy and new exercises that he never did before. Either way I think you are right in the fact that there really shouldn't be a worry in terms of Guddys abilities once he is cleared to play. Doctors and procedures are getting better by the day
  10. yeah nope : ) Once you tear or rip tendons the scar tissue makes it stronger but some range of motion is lost. IF you damage the surrounding cartilage/soft tissue especially if it is a re injury in the same area getting back to 100% is extremely rare. Still some guys are tough as nails and can play through alot of issues.
  11. check this album out @riffraff 2nd track my fave
  12. "You will find that in time with persistence you will grow stronger, your awareness will become heightened it cannot be said that it will take 2 years or even 10 it depends solely upon your effort and your persistence but in time it can come to all who truly persevere. The effort you put forth will be that which is given back to you tenfold. As you give, you shall receive. Be not discouraged, for the world was not made in one day. And you cannot understand all truth in one lifetime."


    1. SedinMadness


      dammed if we do dammed if we don't. we can't even win when we are losing.... and you know what i mean when i say lotto draft 5 th pick anyone. lightning struck twice, wait for the thunder!

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I'm cool with any of Dahlin, Svechnikov, Zadina, Tkachuk, Bouchard, or Boqvist.  As long as we don't finish higher than 3rd last (unlikely without Brockstar), we're guaranteed a crack at one of those guys.

    3. Alflives


      What’s the most places we can drop in the draft lotto, 3 or 4?  The lower we finish; the higher we draft.  Makes logical sense to finish as low as we can, no?  

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  14. It had been so dam long since I had roast, the idea was a train that could not be stopped
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