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  1. 5 hours ago, Rob_Zepp said:

    That length of time sounds like labrum (or other side) surgery which will be a few months of imobility followed by increasing stretching etc.   He can cardio away etc and nowadays the fixed shoulder is often as strong or stronger than prior dependent on nature of cumulative damage.   

     yeah nope : )   Once you tear or rip tendons the scar tissue makes it stronger but some range of motion is lost.  IF you damage the surrounding cartilage/soft tissue especially if it is a re injury in the same area getting back to 100% is extremely rare.   Still some guys are tough as nails and can play through alot of issues.




    "You will find that in time with persistence you will grow stronger, your awareness will become heightened it cannot be said that it will take 2 years or even 10 it depends solely upon your effort and your persistence but in time it can come to all who truly persevere. The effort you put forth will be that which is given back to you tenfold. As you give, you shall receive. Be not discouraged, for the world was not made in one day. And you cannot understand all truth in one lifetime."

  3. 13 hours ago, luckylager said:

    Damn son! You sure staged up that photo. Looks wicked

    I'd say. Holy &^@#, I save roasts for the weekend


    Dirtydangles. Holy

    Ha  :) not  actual photo of the meal I do not have those kind of photog skills but it was pretty dam close to pic : )   But honestly it only takes maybe 30 min to prepare and a few hours to slow cook.  Under 2 if you cook it at 450 for 20 min to start then lower temp a bit  for the last hour : )

  4. 17 hours ago, GLASSJAW said:

    there's always talk about the "killer app" to send crypto stuff to the next level, and i think Omise is really on the verge of something big (at least locally in Thailand for sure)

    while I do not know if OMG will be THE token/project to add digital identities to crypto globally (faces stiff competition from so many other small platforms, and heavy-hitters like Microsoft), I do think that putting digital identities on these chains (btc, eth, etc.) will certainly be a "killer app" and have a tremendous impact on the tech and global adoption overall. it simply has to.


    (full disclosure: i don't own a single OMG token, i'm not shilling)

    I do own a few Omisego myself and agree that coin will be huge in Asia. If it is adopted as their go to transaction coin it could really pop.  The platform has potential to be huge as it is on the ethereum block chain and can handle a descent amount of transactions.    


    I jumped on the light Coin cash train and could not believe the speed of transactions.   Transferred 11k worth of Light coin to the LCC chain and it was less than 2 min confirmation on the day everyone was trying to get their 10x more coins for putting their Lite coin on their new chain.   So many thought it was a scam but I can assure you my lite coins are all safe back in my wallet and my 400 lite coin cash are waiting on the new block chain : )


    The speed of transactions is really driving the tech. We want instant confirmations and  they are getting close to that already.  I honestly think LiteCoin will be one of the most used coins in the future.  Most forks cause quite a bit of fear and doubt but as we have seen with the Bit and Ehtereum forks this is a very good thing in the long run.


    The digital apps (DAPPS) will revolutionize commerce  as we know it .  Crypto already has changed the way the world views and uses its money. Its about time.


    Look into EOS it will be massive.

  5. 2 minutes ago, drummer4now said:

    Meh don't worry about it..

    IMO focus on the big 4 like (Bitcoin, Eltherum, Litecoin, and Ripple). 


    The rest are basically short term pump and dump coins. 

    Its all about EOS    it will explode. Verge and Omisego may be big players as well. Ripple is the Fed coin stay as fa away as possible.

  6. 1 hour ago, brilac said:

    Thanks, I was thinking about eating more calories.  I've been on this eating healthier, cutting out the restaurants and not drinking alcohol since the end of December, and I have not seen the improvement I want.   Can you believe that - cutting out the restaurants and not drinking, as well as lowering my calorie intake and exercising more?! I enjoy being a lush, and enjoy sitting around drinking wine or champagne and watching Hockey and the Bachelor, or a Sunday Afternoon getting my lush on, and the only reason I stopped being a lush was to lose weight! 


    Anyhow, I may join a gym and talk to a nutritionist.  My body is in a rut.  I may go to the gym today and talk about joining and then going to Trader Joe's to spurge on more healthy food. 

    I suffer from a bit of a protein imbalance so I tend to be very strict on my food combinations.  I have somewhat successfully eliminated bread form my diet as well, this is HUGE when wanting to loose unwanted pounds.   Vitamin B9 and B12 help in digestion as well as burning carbs and give you more energy.


    Check your iron and magnesium levels as.....


    " certain minerals also play a role in breaking down nutrients into energy, including iron, copper and chromium. Both iron and copper play an essential role in metabolism, working in your cells turning food into energy. While you may feel tired if you lack either one of these nutrients, getting what you need or more won't speed up calorie or fat-burning. Chromium is a trace mineral found in a number of weight-loss supplements. This minerals improves insulin activity and also metabolizes fat, protein and carbs. "


    It is really all about absorption and how well your body does it.



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