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  1. Shouldn't tell other people what to think.
  2. Banned because your Orca didn't eat up.
  3. Banned because hypnotoad was eaten by a hungry Frenchman.
  4. Wants Siddy to become an IT products dealer.
  5. Banned for not having taught the emo parrot how to defend itself.
  6. Agrees with the diagnosis per exclusionem the previous poster has established.
  7. Banned for dropping the emo parrot on an innocent being.
  8. Should also point out that, despite the warranty on the Xbox's repair, there's no warranty Microsoft will send it back. Hm... if Bury changes his name back to "Bure who?" and you change yours to "Bure who? who?", I'll change mine to "Bure who? who? who?".
  9. Ah, I see.. you're the one from B.C. and she's from somewhere else, I thought it was vice versa. Well, seems like I'm in the same time zone and the same age.
  10. Yeah, freaking time difference. What's your time right now, it's 10:20 am where I am.
  11. I would answer your tea question, but I've got no British roots, so I'm afraid I've got no clue about tea.
  12. Is incapable of changing his name for quite some time now anyway.
  13. ^ Why do you have "caca" in your sig, Siddy? If I pronounce it the German way, I hear myself saying the German equivalent to the English "poop".
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