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  1. I do not see a player that will benefit from the QMJHL, at all. His puck skills are already NHL level, best place for him to learn the rest is Abby.
  2. If the glass is his passing target, yes. Otherwise not really.
  3. Right? They look like they're gonna be in the new Ghostbusters movie.
  4. I'd rather listen to these commentators than Hirsch or any of the Alberta crews we get stuck with.
  5. What did Boes & Hogz do to deserve playing with this line-up? Klimovich has consistently made nice passes out of trouble while everyone else fires the puck into each other's feet. Everyone else is making Green's job very easy.
  6. Yeah, they're very different players though. Podz is used to bullying people and creating offense from playing good defense. All of that is way harder in the NHL. They both had a good chat with Greener today, hopefully he pushed the right buttons. Klimovich looked great today, but nobody was laying the body on him either.
  7. I know a lot of people would lose their minds, but it's not the worst thing if Podz starts in Abby. Even if he starts there to adjust to the North American style of play I'd imagine he'll be back with the big club before you know it.
  8. For the jack asses that were saying it doesn't matter and calling everyone stupid, yes the bag skate matters. Green explicitly said several times leading up to camp and during camp that it is a conditioning test by design to see what kind of shape the guys are in. There's a reason they do this every year. They time them and compare them so they can see who took things seriously in the summer and who was playing Fortnite. When you hear the Veterans clearly not impressed with OJ during the skate and now the coach rips him, it's very obvious he's not in the shape he should be.
  9. He's played over 200 NHL games, and been effective. But I'd imagine that doesn't mean anything in Alf's world.
  10. I like Sanford, Ottawa did well here. I don't see it with Logan Brown, good for them for cutting bait rather than trying to force it for 6 years.
  11. I think you are close on the line-up, though I think Podz spot is very much up for grabs and I'm not sure that's how the lines will shake out. I think Di Guiseppe will be the guy on the 4th line and Petan will make the team as the 13th forward since he can play any forward position, most importantly Center. The beauty of this line-up is there's lots of options to move guys around and roll 4 lines which is Green's style of coaching.
  12. Do you see him facing McDavid and Co. right out of the gate though? I don't, I think he needs to be in the AHL and be a top guy there this season playing in all situations.
  13. We have no idea when Motte will be ready and Pearson never killed penalties before coming here, for good reason. Di Guiseppe is a good penalty killer and has been good in camp and although he doesn't PK, Petan does play center and can play in the top 6 when there's injuries. I think these guys have more value and a better shot to make the team than a bottom six winger that doesn't play on special teams. I think there's 1 winger spot for lockwood, Gadj, Podz, and whoever else to fight over.
  14. I do like that line, but whoever gets that 4th line winger spot has to PK so doubtful.
  15. You have to have at minimum 4 good penalty killers at forward. This line-up means Bo, Miller, and Pearson have to kill penalties. Nevermind that none of them are even good at it, we don't want Bo and Miller used up on the PK. Unfortunately most of the guys battling for spots need to be good on the PK. Guys like Gadjovich, Lockwood, Big Mac and even Podz have a tough road to making the team since they are bottom six wingers that won't be on the penalty kill. AKA, the least important player on the team.
  16. We need a pk'er that plays center, we have about 14 more interesting wingers.
  17. It would be nice to just have a normal year with a good team to be excited about.
  18. And Quinn walks to Jersey for nothing. Gotta go long and buy ufa years or go short.
  19. At this point 3 year deals make the most sense for everyone involved. Obviously long term deals for both would be best, but that simply isn't reality. Under no circumstance should any deal that takes either player to ufa be on the table.
  20. My brother in-law to be put a deposit down for a Rivian a couple years ago when they first went up for pre-order. Last I heard he had no idea when he was getting it but I'm quite interested to check it out when he does.
  21. Not a lot to get excited about for rookie camp anymore. No tournament and no coverage.
  22. We should be looking to move Myers and Miller after this year anyways. Get a lot of cap space and some good young assets/picks. Hopefully Woo and Podz are ready to step into their roles, but even if they aren't we should be looking for younger/cheaper options that are in our core's age group.
  23. Although I find it somewhat outlandish that Petey isn't winning by more, it is pretty refreshing that there are so many great choices for the first time in a very very long time.
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