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  1. As much as I don't like him in the NHL, he'll be helpful for Abbotsford. Glad he cleared.
  2. Yeah, but if you can go home, make more money, and live somewhere people speak your language, it's pretty tough to pass up.
  3. You can also make an argument for Heiskanen at 2, although it's close between him and Petey.
  4. That Suez blockage will also be felt for ages.
  5. Likely Julien then. I can live with that as long as he doesn't have our guys flopping every chance they get like he did in Boston. Muller would likely be an assistant, which I'd like.
  6. I'd be making some calls and see how Babcock is handling things in Saskatchewan.
  7. He's also got rid of promising young guys instead of the useless AHL trash like Hunt, and continued to employ an incompetent clown in Baumgartner. His ability to identify skill is severity lacking and is a major reason for our struggles. Enough with the plug love.
  8. Torts would have been fine if he would have put in the work necessary and not bolted home to Point Roberts as fast as possible. Hard to hold your guys accountable when you're putting in the bare minimum.
  9. Which he should have done last offseason. At this point, they both need to go.
  10. I'm aware, but I also think he's able to grow and change. He's been working at the University of Saskatchewan, so it would be possible to make some calls and see how that's going.
  11. Another couple of games like this and we'll have "Fire Green" chants at the home opener.
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