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  1. Even then I wouldn't. Look at Vegas and Montreal's goaltending.
  2. Better to keep developing him with the goal of a solid tandem with Demko. Need to have your backup able to play 30 games or so in today's league.
  3. He was setting up a ton of plays, but his linemates weren't meshing will with him. Finding the right fit here will be crucial.
  4. All those guys had multiple deep playoff runs that added a lot of wear and tear. We badly need a player like him.
  5. Couldn't agree more. Signing Hamilton before our core would have a similar effect to pyjama boy in Toronto regarding our salary structure.
  6. Hamilton might get tired double shifting every game. I guess we could dress a corpse for the 6th spot.
  7. Anyone whining about the Myers contract needs to look no further than the Gardiner signing for what a bad contract actually is. A lot of the so called experts here wanted to replace Edler with Gardiner. Edler and Myers have their faults, but they're both definitely NHLers, unlike Gardiner.
  8. Was hoping to see Loui Eriksson on the list.
  9. I'm really not a fan of the Toronto method of icing a lineup full of defensemen who can't play defense, so I am happy to see the analytics dweebs getting embarrassed and the teams full of big crease clearing guys succeeding. Not at all opposed to selling high on Rathbone.
  10. It's closer to Irish due to the triple distillation. I've had some great independent bottlings of it, but wasn't a huge fan of their official ones.
  11. Mark Hunter also left at the same time, who also took a ton of experience along with him.
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