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  1. Thanks for being good to our prospects and providing them with a place to grow away from our media, in front of fans who know and love the game.
  2. Nothing to see here. He's had a pretty rough year, and especially with the condensed schedule and Covid it's perfectly understandable for him to want to take some time away. Lots of Canadians turn down the invite every year.
  3. Clarke's a recently converted forward. Not comfortable with that issue personally.
  4. https://www.nhl.com/news/simon-edvinsson-earning-comparisons-to-victor-hedman-for-2021-nhl-draft/c-321524168 We could sure use our own Hedman. We've also had pretty good luck taking big Swedish defensemen with Ohlund and Edler.
  5. I'd take Edvinsson over them both. If Power is available, we need to take him.
  6. I'm thinking it must be obvious to even him that he won't play another sift for us given how many borderline guys have passed him. Would not be at all surprised to see him finally take the hint and retire at the end of the year.
  7. Power, Edvinsson, and Johnson all excite me plenty. We need defense and this draft is loaded with quality D, with an explosive talent in Johnson if we want to take a forward anyway. What's not to like?
  8. Because we've struggled badly in their areas of expertise. The powerplay doesn't have nearly enough movement, and looked better while Brown was out due to Covid. All of our defensemen have underachieved under Baumgartner, and the system applies zero pressure to the opponents in our own zone. I'm torn regarding bringing back Green, as he seems to think that these two morons sabotaging our team is acceptable, which demonstrates very poor judgement.
  9. Got my vaccination booked for May 23! Excited to be able to finally see family again.
  10. OJ reminds me so much of Luc. Similar style of play, criticized for draft position, and took longer to develop than hoped. Bourdon was finally showing signs of becoming the guy we were hoping he could be when he tragically passed. I want to give OJ the chance to do the same.
  11. I'd be open to trading him for the right price; if we're talking Reinhart he won' come free and you have to give to get.
  12. OJ has a much more well-rounded game; we haven't seen enough from him but I don't want to give up on him myself.
  13. I'd love another defensive D, but I think there's some good options in the draft with Edvinsson or move down a few spots to take Svozil if we miss out.
  14. Schmidt is comfortable on the right side and I really want to get Woo's skillset in there. Edvinsson-Myers Hughes-Woo OJ-Schmidt
  15. Lind too. Michaelis obviously doesn't have much of a future here, or anywhere else.
  16. I think any team expecting him to be the answer at center will be disappointed, but someone will likely bite. I like his game a lot more as a playmaking winger; him and Horvat would compliment each other much like Miller and Petey.
  17. Fine, but then he's also accountable when they prove themselves to be incompetent.
  18. OJ looks like he will be solid once we get a decent coach in there; I liked what I saw. Grab Edvinsson in the draft and that's a really solid left side going forward. I'd be pretty open to including Rathbone for a guy like Reinhart, who has great hockey sense and previous chemistry with Bo.
  19. This. Every single one of our guys has been underachieving and/or taking half a year to acclimate to Baumer's "system". Brown's lack of movement to open up lanes on the PP is a big issue too. Neither of the assistants have any business coaching at the professional level. The Aquilinis are the best owners we have had. Money has never, ever been a concern since they bought the team.
  20. Mostly because Gallagher and Weber have missed significant time. They're still playing against a team with absolutely terrible defense and goaltending.
  21. Thornton has severe character issues and a history of not delivering in the playoffs though.
  22. I'm embarrassed to be in that age range. More than happy to wait a year to go on vacation in order to protect the health of my parents.
  23. Habs are built for the playoffs. Toronto still has huge question marks in goal and Nylander and Rielly are both massive liabilities. Price and Montreal's rock solid D will be too much for the Laffs to overcome. Canadiens in 6.
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