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  1. Likely Julien then. I can live with that as long as he doesn't have our guys flopping every chance they get like he did in Boston. Muller would likely be an assistant, which I'd like.
  2. I'd be making some calls and see how Babcock is handling things in Saskatchewan.
  3. He's also got rid of promising young guys instead of the useless AHL trash like Hunt, and continued to employ an incompetent clown in Baumgartner. His ability to identify skill is severity lacking and is a major reason for our struggles. Enough with the plug love.
  4. Torts would have been fine if he would have put in the work necessary and not bolted home to Point Roberts as fast as possible. Hard to hold your guys accountable when you're putting in the bare minimum.
  5. Which he should have done last offseason. At this point, they both need to go.
  6. I'm aware, but I also think he's able to grow and change. He's been working at the University of Saskatchewan, so it would be possible to make some calls and see how that's going.
  7. Another couple of games like this and we'll have "Fire Green" chants at the home opener.
  8. Scoring in spite of him, not because of him. The best our PP looked all year last year was when Brown had Covid and was unable to work.
  9. I'm not opposed to giving him a chance. There's a chance he's grown from his experience, and he definitely understands the game and will hold the guys accountable. A lot of the stuff coming out of Toronto was due to their core players not caring about winning and him trying to get them to put in the work necessary.
  10. I could do a better job than the unqualified moron currently destroying our defense with his gross incompetence. Baumgartner would probably bring O'Doul's.
  11. Do you consider Baumgartner's continued employment acceptable given the fact he's shown no sign of being capable of doing the job? Do you like losing Gadjovich instead of waiving ECHL trash like Hunt? Green is the driving force behind both of these decisions that anyone with a functioning brain could have foreseen the problem. If he's that bad at performance evaluation, he needs to go as well.
  12. I'm no fan of Green either, but Baumgartner has no business coaching at any level. I wouldn't hire that idiot to coach a beer league team.
  13. This kid is why I'm not worried about the cap crunch when it's time to renew Bo and Miller.
  14. Hirsch at least could see what the defensive problems are. I'd rather give him a shot than continue to let Baumgartner destroy the team with his incompetence.
  15. We sure this is a road game? The guys look like they're working from home.
  16. When the backup colour guy understands defense better than the assistant in charge of the D, it might be time to make a change.
  17. I'd rather dress Fin than let that useless pylon ever play another game for us. Yet another Weber/Larsen/Bartkowski/Pouliot. You can't win with a defenseman who can't play defense.
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