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  1. Hopefully no repeat of 2014 ( x 2 ) and 2016
  2. WALLSTAREETAMIGO It doesn't matter what facts you raise there's an equivalent excuse, it goes on and on, ad nausea. Drives me nuts Canucks 'Free Agent Frenzy' Nightmares Continue (thehockeywriters.com)
  3. With number of call up recently he must be wondering if he's the forgotten man. He seems to be a solid player from what I can gather
  4. Thanks a good write up. It's interesting to note the effect of Covid had on him and I suspect many others too
  5. You simply have to accept they aren't rational thinkers. They cheerleaders rather than fans. I'm just glad they're not airline pilots or surgeons
  6. That's good to know. Some times, in fact I suspect many times we are unaware of all the details lurking behind the scene. It's always sad to see players unable to complete their dreams, but frankly that happens in many industries to many people. I have a friend with 2 children who are slowly going blind, it's a tragedy and I can't imagine the pain she suffers.
  7. That's not difficult we've failed for 7 years, again and again and again. There's little fun attending the canucks game at Rogers
  8. A couple of years back a D'man, Dylan McIlrath was the next Tom Wilson or so it seemed was drafted in the first round by NYR. He was rushed and as a youngster couldn't hold his own with the seasoned heavy weight. He's not much of a skill player but I see he's starting to rack up PIM's again the AHL, which mean he has his confidence back ??? He's 6'4'/235 and a UFA this summer. He's a RHD deffinitely a 7-8 D'man was on a league minimum contract but worth a punt ?? Brett Gallant vs. Dylan McIlrath, April 20, 2021 - Cleveland Monsters vs. Grand Rapids Griffins (hockeyfights.com)
  9. Depends where you look but Rathbone is 190lb on the Utica web site, it helps, as you mention he has great skating which comes from good balance and good core strength. He's a shoe in as we speak
  10. I don't for a moment believe that the other 30 teams have much if any respect for the Canucks. Certainly not TO, they glance at the Vcr line up and think so what. TO in fact has loaded up with "character" players in readiness .... just like Gillis did when we were contenders Lapierre, Torres, Bieska, Burrows, Kesler. Any opponent looking down that roster would be thinking no thanks, except Boston. It would be all together different if Vcr had a red hot PP, but they don't so that doesn't figure into it
  11. No surprise, this is geographical. Bad call big news in NY, there's a reaction. Bad call 5000 km away on the westcoast why bother, taht's the only explanation
  12. For most pof their careers Tafoli and Pearson actually played on the same line together. I don't rate as an aveage 2nd line winger. He's being carried by Bo and before that Tafoli. Good guy I believe but strictly on hockey bases I'd rate his skills as 3rd line material
  13. NYR started their rebuild in 2018, plus had the gumption to advise their paying customers in a letter. They are currently 17 pts ahead of us. They sit 15th in the league with 58 points, (VCR has 43 pts and are 29th in the league) , NYR would be a point out of the play-offs if they were in the North Div. Funny enough the owner thought they weren't doing well enough and fired the GM and for good measure the club President too. In Vcr we're told after 7 years we're going to need a further 2 years to compete ... and nothing happens grits for the mill and the fans. I guess we have a high threshold
  14. A lot depends on naturally his asking rice but in addition how much they're ( Green ) going to lean on him. For a player his age he sucks up a lot of minutes and that's IMO not fair on others or indeed on Edler.
  15. Short term, man this has been a recurring nightmare for 7 years. IMO this is not short term. I'm tired of .... "well next year watch out." What's encouraging about continuously referring to the future. One thing I could never understand was ( as an example)signing Ferland with a history as long as your arm suffering from concussions It's like some how there's a self destruction element happening in Vancouver management and it goes on and on and on. Give up Toffoli ( he of the 28 goal currently) and yet sign Pearson ( he of 10 goals currently ) it's like it's a death wish. It's breath taking
  16. That's a fair prognostication ie there's more bad to come. If you're valuing a franchise as a business man that's not good. The fact that we have no fans in the building this year has worked in favour of the current management. If this team was owned by Dolan ( NYR** ) the management team would be gone a long time ago. You can't keep rinse and repeat and expect fans to fork out large lumps of money year after year. I understand you're a glass half full guy, and that's OK, my problem is you can't just repeating the same errors ( Pearson for 3 years at $3.3 at 28 years old ) He's not a top 6 wi
  17. Where there's a problem there is a solution waiting to be found. Every team suffers problems ... every team!! this is not exclusive to Vancouver other deal with it and get on with it. Fans here draw up list with problems for future excuses
  18. But for glories sake we've been regurgitating this same thing for 7 years, I was a young man when this started and this year we're currently standing at 29 O/A .... 29 O/A when does 29th have a ugly feel to it .... apparently never. We're trending in the rights direction that's a statement that is 7 years old the fact is we're actually getting worse. In 2014-15 we were 8th O/A now we're 29th !
  19. Best tell the fans in Calgary not to bother turning up FYG they are above us as we speak come to that evey one in the Pac Div is ahead of us
  20. I'm always amazed at how fans can some how reach a positive with their team when the club is third worst team in the entire NHL O/A. Sure EP is out, the rest of the injuries are or should be of little consequence and yet here we are. We've ( many ) have bragged about our prospect pool and yet here we are none apparently of much consequence when it matters. The club has been frankly on a nose dive. In the 2014-15 season they were 8th O/A so we've gone from 8th to 29th. They've been a work in progress for 7 years and counting and have recently declared that it will be a further 2 years before w
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