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  1. Isn't there some question about his skating? I guess this year in the SEL will tell the tale, I'm sure Lindgren will keep close tabs
  2. I read that article by chance, but a couple of years back I had sort of reached the same conclusion, as usual the same posters give you heck. However all is not lost I think in junior hockey the CHL still puts the highest percentage of players into the NHL but mostly due to volume. I see Sweden has 10 million population and the Finns 5 million, with approx 73K and 71K registered players respectively Canada has 604K registered players. It makes a difference, The USA is 562K registered players. That aside I'm thinking USA made big push decades ago** and it's paying dividends for sure. The NCAA what ever the sport is a great develpment system. Canada has the edge in hockey, just, but it's falling behind. Players in the NCAA play/practise 6 days a week and put as many hours in the gym as they have on the ice. I had the pleasure to visit a NCAA hockey program in St.L They shared it with the Blues, it was incredible. the facilities had every thing u could need and coaches, including ex NHL players, most fly to games now. You walk in and all you can say is wow and then pick your jaw up off the floor. For the numbers the Sedes and Finns have they do a specacular job, Canada depends on volume too much. The AHL is a business first and fore most **To reach a better volume the USHL ( juniors) started slowly in 1980 and it grows continuously. They are accepted by the NCAA as amateur, while the CHL are excluded
  3. I'm guessing Vcr management has reached the same conclussion, we're heavy into the NCAA/EU
  4. I came across this article in Dobbers ( Cam Robison ) and I must say it aligns with my own thinking, the NCAA-SEL are better development leagues Here's the full article, interesting IMO Prospect Ramblings: Which League Is Best for Developing Prospects? – DobberProspects
  5. Personally I thought Bowey had a good pre season. Kept his game simple and as i recall wasn't afraid of dropping the gloves. He impresssed me, but that's limited game time, fingers crossed
  6. I liked Gadjovichs potential regretfully he's run head on into JB need for his own survival along with TG disdain for rookies. Interesting to note JG has not made the line up yet in S Jose.With the current success S Jose is enjoyingI wonder if they will try to waive him to the AHL and will Vcr grab him back LOL
  7. Rathbone does and is making some bad plays, but you can't ask him to alter his game. The skill and hockey IQ together with his effortless skating must be kept intact. He sees the ice better than the majority of rookie D'men and will be a strong player for years. Hunt on the other hand is 33 and he puck watches way to much. and still making big gaffs in his game. His down low coverage is not good. Stick with Rathbone and you'll be rewarded for years to come
  8. Man I'm way before either of those ( just looked them up) I was generation WW2
  9. I can't do that. I look at a good player and have no trouble admiring his skills. And as much as I am a fan of the Canucks I don't like to think our success should be depend on others failure. I know what the kids go through and their dedication. I used to marvel at kids on a team load up in the team coach and the first thing they do is get out their laptop to start on the papers they have due, maybe a 18 hour bus trip ahead of them. It's tough to be a student athlete
  10. If you wish to be good parent, coach, scout what ever, you need to be a teacher and a mentor, if you haven't reached that status yet, don't worry all will become apprent when you do. To be honest the detrioration in our society is likely due to parents that obfuscate their reponsibilities. Unless you've seen how earlier societies lived don't try and judge on the current era. How many times do you hear commentaries about kids in trouble that end up with "where are the parents" and you know the answer ... shirking their responsibilities. No one got particapation medals when I was a kid and indeed there were no medals period, you might get a compliment that was it. But now we're asked to cheer for failure .... not me sunshine. Do some thing good and I'll say so do some thing badly I'll say so
  11. I think a lot of the, shall we say, younger culture were raised wiith the expectations of a participation medal, every one gets one. The kum ba yah era
  12. I'm not their parents. Do you really believe players look to this forum for help and assurance ? Man, dream on
  13. I can say this, I don't enjoy hockey as much as I once did. Not sure if that because of age and seeing the same mess again and again ad nausea, nothing is fresh. But I also think that coaching minor hockey where you're duty bound to try and improve your players and then scouting uni players ( looking for good and bad points rather than watch the game) has taken a toll. I think I watch playes rather than the game. But I stand by my posts. Many simply can't handle bad plays and choose to look past them. If there's a mistake I call it out, like I did with Juolevi's flaws years ago and some didn't like it, in fact many coldn't even see it But that's my entertainment
  14. Not true, I've supported the team and had Season tickets since 1973 and I can tell you there's been a lot of bad hockey in those years. The Pacific Coloseum was frequently half full and there were serious talk about moving the franchise, but I hung in, I'm sure you can recall those times
  15. That's not true. Do some thing good, I applaud, do some thing nuts I complain. Pretty simple concept
  16. Who knows maybe I am. I try to view thing without bias for or against a player, I'm certainly not a pom pom waiving cheerleader... but the I'm guess you new that already. Some tend to get upset when i don't follow the flock. That's OK
  17. I always thought Sautner was like a forgotten man. IMO he played well enough during his run in the NHL to warrant a lot more attention. But despite his low Cap hit he's been passd over. I suppose his agent would have reviewed other offer and opportunities. Iliked what he brought which was mostly consistency
  18. This was a gamble for Persson to join the WHL by him and his advisor. I tend to think it's just what he needs in fact it would be nice if some other prospect learned to battle in the WHL/CHL. It develops their understand of what is needed to play in Canada on and off the ice. Good on him to test himself. He's going to be looked at a lot by the scouts
  19. Because ..... some fans live in the real world while other have family members called Polly Anna
  20. Got it, thanks. Kind of funny most trades are completed on the basis of a full medical review by both teams
  21. Where is OJ. He's not included on the Florida line up and neither is he on the Charlotte line up ??? and I agree if OJ wasn't good enough to to crack the Vcr blue line waht chnace does he have with the #1 team in the league ... good luck Hey maybe he's back in EU ? does any one know
  22. Don't under estimate the forum fans to manufactor excuses, they're the best, no one evn comes close
  23. I only watched Focht for one pre season game but was pretty impressed with what he brought. Certainly not the polished player and has more development to go but shows all the right signs
  24. He, JB, dipped his toe in the water when he hired Shaw IMO. What stood out to me last night was the down low coverage by the D. Hunt was puck watching and not taking an oppoenant and Schenn was all over the ice, some times out to his on blue line. That has to be on the coaches IMO
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