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  1. I love how you changed your sig. :P

  2. Worst thread ever. He looks the same..the only difference is he relaxed in one pic and LIFTING WEIGHTS in the other... *massive facepalm*
  3. I'm sorry man, Ehrhoff had a great run here and will be missed (provided he doesn't sign back here and we just traded his rights to rip off the Islanders).

  4. Question for those of you who have watched Rodin a bit...what current NHL player is he comparable to?
  5. Poor Ehrhoff must regret that picture entering the public domain XD

  6. Your sig is legendary. I start laughing everytime. :D

  7. me too hahaha..never get tired of it

  8. Everyone I see your sig, I nearly cry.

  9. oh no, an internet thug! lol go back to surrey

  10. damn... even our prospects are in scoring slumps!
  11. Don't become a betting man, you're 0/2 in the times I've called you out ;) Where's that mortgage you wagered? Pay up hahaha

  12. Nice editing on the Ballard pict ;)