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  1. Just came here to say that I am a big fan of AB and think people should stop proposing he be traded!! He can be a big part of our top 6 forward group moving forwards, and think him and Podz should be considered our top 2 LW moving forwards. Top 2 RW = Kuzmenko and Garland/Boeser, and Top 2 C obvs JTM and EP
  2. because the players take less money to play there, since their take home pay has less tax deducted from it. Look at the contracts of players like Kucherov, Tkachuk, Stamkos, Hedman, etc
  3. Thanks for the post, that was great to read and I fully agree with everything you said!!
  4. I 100% agree with all of this. I'm a fan of the trade
  5. I honestly don't think the Canucks will trade Boeser until the off season at the earlier. He is literally in the first year of an extension signed 7 months ago. Feel like that wouldn't be good for optics
  6. I have heard a very common narrative that Tyler Myers is one of the main issues with our team, and that he's been an anchor on D in a bad way. I personally feel that Tyler Myers is a top 4 D man - big, right handed, mobile, and can be offensive at times (he has flashes where I always think... why doesn't he do that more often?!). Sure he makes erratic plays from time-to-time, and who could forget the bubble playoffs where he would take 2-3 penalties per game (hence the name Tyler Minors.. loved that lol). But my question is this: if Myers is traded or bought out, who all of a sudden comes in and replaces him? Sure, $6 million in cap space opens up. Gudbranson got $4m on the open market, clearly RHD aren't cheap. So CDC, what would you do? Or keep the following: Hughes - Schenn OEL - Bear Dermott - Borroughs Personally I feel an OEL buyout would make more sense - easier to find LHD than RHD. And maybe next year Rathbone can stick with the team and Dermott moves up to the 2nd pairing.
  7. Tanking sounds great in theory but it's awful for team culture especially in a Canadian market
  8. Why is a news reporter asking about Tanner Pearson's injury after a 5-4 loss? Seems pretty sketch, especially since there's no audio/video clip to go alongside this. Wouldn't be surprised if this response was paraphrased from an interview before the game honestly, can't stand this guy
  9. Get through the idiotic owner? Might just be better for you to switch teams and be done with it. Take all the toxic ownership blaming fans with you to help give our fanbase a better reputation and a team that actually enjoys playing in front of their fans.
  10. I am shocked that only one person commented on how Canucks fans are the worst. It is quite telling that our home record is as bad as it is, given the following: - Fans are throwing jerseys on the ice. This is humiliating. What NHL player would be proud to play in front of fans where jerseys are being thrown onto the ice? Such a classless and disrespectful move. - Fans are booing JT Miller when he touches the puck. Say what you want about him and his attitude, but booing a player with a letter on his jersey in your home building is an absolute joke. Other teams would be chirping the heck out of the Canucks, and as a player you'd feel like you're walking on eggshells anytime the other team scores a goal. - There is so much less pressure to perform on the road given the above. Blaming ownership for everything wrong with this team is getting a bit repetitive and annoying. I still have no idea why fans continue to point the finger at ownership with literally no evidence for this. But I digress....
  11. How was BB overruled.. Joshua was injured. Man I cannot stand Canucks fans with sensationalist takes like this
  12. Tough to look at this in retrospect and think of how we could have better spent that $4.75M on a serviceable D man....
  13. in a playoff series who would you rather have, Barzal or Pettersson? regular season points is not the only metric to use when looking at the value of a player. I take Barzal and I'm a huge Canucks fan
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