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  1. Your boys did it ! I bet Chi-Town is hung over right a bout now :)

  2. sorry what was your PSN again?

  3. Are we having fun yet?


  4. Philly worries me most. They have a lot of depth plus Pronger. Coming back from 0-3 only happens once every 35 years. It JUST happened, so I dont think it is going to happen twice in the same playoff. San Jose gave everything they had in game 3 and they still lost. The only way the Hawks lose the series is if they start to relax which they WILL not do.

  5. Being a Canucks fan has taught me to never count a series over until the 4th win.

    It's unlikely, but don't count out SJ yet. I guess we just have to look back to Philly to see that it is possible.

    Still not hard to picture the Hawks in the SC final. What team out of the East worries you most?

  6. Yeah I am just worried about the Cup Finals though

  7. Congtrats on the win last night. Hawks are looking good. Also nice to see Niemi prove many of his doubters wrong.

  8. If avery elbowed kane, I would NOT support Byfuglien slamming his head to the ice. I dont support retaliation like. It needs to be a fight or something.

  9. As for the douche that wrote the article about your Hawks fuk him he's just a hater and for some reason many people hate on good teams . Still hoping u punish the Sharks :)

  10. Dude watch highlights of moore you will see that he was a waste of skin had no balls and got policed that's hockey guy .I played it for 13 years and when guys try to intentionally injure your best player we never forget. Nothing personal but would Byfuglien let let's say Avery run kane and bust his nose and loose the scoring title in the process ? No fukin way . Byfuglien would go snapcase .

  11. @ Ukrainian I KNOW YOU ARE RIGHT.. I had one come into work and I nearly fainted. (work at chocolate store) So we get people from other countries and this women OMG.. Romanian women are fun too. Very strong hearts

  12. @ vanfan Yup hopefully hawks can win on home ice

  13. 2 down 2 more to go lets go Hawks !

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