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  1. Didn't you pay already? I think it's me you and @gmen81 that have.
  2. Not sure if everyone sees the slack but reposting @gmen81's message. Try to pay the winner as soon as you get a chance. It's been a few months since the season ended!
  3. Vince buries the Fiend in 2 mins. Lol. Revolution was fantastic though. Bucks vs Omega and Page was fantastic. Mox is Champ! MJF is a great heel (btw Codys tattoo is awful) NXT and AEW are the both great products.
  4. Madness

    NFL thread

    Lamar has lost in the playoffs to Rivers and Tannehill in consecutive years...
  5. Madness

    NFL thread

    Saints play the Raiders in Vegas next year. That sounds like a hell of a weekend. Thinking of going.
  6. Madness

    NFL thread

    playoffs are here! I'm already bracing myself for another heartbreaking loss like 2010 beast quake, 2011 49ers game, 2017 minny miracle and 2018 PI fiasco.
  7. Madness

    NFL thread

    yeah i don't come on CDC as much anymore. Mainly on twitter nowadays. been another fun season. wild that the saints will probably have 13 wins and likely play wild card weekend. 2011 all over again. playoffs will be fun Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. Anyone watching All Out live ? If anyone has a way to watch it other than PPV would appreciate it. PM me?
  9. Goldberg vs Undertaker... good lord that was hard to watch.
  10. Madness

    NFL thread

    Might as well trade him before he goes to the Giants next year.
  11. Madness

    NFL thread

    Unbelievable. Flash forward a year later and this season would end in even more heartbreaking fashion. Sports really suck sometimes.
  12. Madness

    NFL thread

    Nope. You'd be livid. If you are a longtime/diehard fan of a team in this scenario you'd be livid. You'd never get over it. I probably never will. I'm still fuming about this days later. I'll never forget this moment. I mean just look at this play. Look at it. It's ridiculous. It's a TD if he doesn't clock him before the ball gets there. There are bad calls in every game that go both ways but to directly cost a team a SUPER BOWL appearance because a professionally trained referee thinks there's nothing wrong with this is ridiculous. He was looking right at it. The Minnesota Miracle, The 2011 Divisional game 49ers and beastquake were some painful losses but at least they were defensive meltdowns. This is a whole other feeling. I guess Marcus Williams could have clocked Diggs last year while he was in the air and it would have been fine? According to these refs it would have been fine, right?
  13. He's probably going to go to AEW with his pals.
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