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  1. The Sedins want to go back to Sweden. Kesler wants to go to Detroit. Hodgson wants out of the team too. Let's just tear it all down cause people here are mind readers and see how all our players want to leave the team.
  2. It's progress from last year. Lessons to be learned from losing still.

  3. hello

    could you pm me the link for the canucks milestones thread again my thread has been deleted

  4. I finally changed my sig

  5. Well... Time to write off the season, maybe next year

  6. Ehrhoff! On the rebound!

  7. Whew, don't worry folks, Bieksa still has the ability to be our scapegoat this year

  8. lol @ lefty thread

  9. I wouldn't say never... I'd guess that at best MG wanted him as a depth D. At the O'Brien, Alberts, Rome levels. But Mitchell wanted more, and quite possibly deserved more. Best of luck to him, well, 2nd best at most.
  10. i just can't keep up with some many people changing their user name. hmm...what can i change mine too? if i knew how. i guess i could get my grandson to do it for me....i'm not dissapointed, just that i get confused easy...don't get old.

  11. Sorry to disappoint! ;)

  12. here i thought i had a new friend.

  13. Well I watched Expendables. Good mindless B movie with gorey gun fight after gun fight action. Just turn brain off for the dialogue though.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i agree, i wasn't impressed with that movie at all.....i liked the little chinese guys dialogue....that is about it...there were some funny parts in the schmucks, i just saw.....not many but some.

  14. Your signature keeps growing :)

    keep it up...I look forward to the next picture :)

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